My grandma always called stupid people "dildock".  As in, "what did dildock do now?"  Or, "hey, dildock, don't put that fork inside that electric outlet."   For years I assumed it was a common way of calling someone a moron.  She referred to my aunt, her eldest child, as dildock so often, I could almost have believed I had an Aunt Dildock.  (as it ends up, that aunt is a dildock, and a trump voter, but, I repeat myself.)
I told some friends I was going to name it the Dildock Dystopia, and they thought I was talking about dildos.  I don't know what's dystopian about a dildo, but anyway, this nudged me to google dildock.  Apparently nobody outside of my family had ever heard the word.  Well, it ends up, there was a newspaper comic strip in the 1930's called The Dopey Dildock.  Aha!  Yes, that was my grandmother's time alright.  She did piece work during the depression.  I can just imagine her reading The Dopey Dildock, preparing for the day she would give birth to a real dildock.  My grandma didn't suffer fools or mince words.  And how interesting that the original dope was created in the 1930's, perhaps the time most analogous to our time, once Trump is done with us. 
So now, in the Year of our Lord 2020, as we enjoy the American Idiocracy, the new age of the Know-Nothings, I hearken us back to The Dopey Dildock.  For it is certain that a bunch of dopey dildocks got us where we are today.