You And Me Could Write A Bad Romance

Last night I met someone. 

You might be like, big fucking deal Cecilia.

I know!  But, it's unusual for me.  Usually when a man approaches me in a bar, I  pretty much tell them to piss off, but not that nastily.  You know, on account of you never know when one of them is going to kill you.

I do blow them off though.  Often, I will decline drinks from men, even if a bartender comes over with the offer.   So I don't really know how this happened, because as I have written just this week, I haven't  even been interested in a man in quite some time and was anticipating my Hot Vaxx Summer being sexless.  

But last night I went to see my friend sing karaoke at Eleanor's in Bohemia.  It was my first time there, and I went because she is very talented but her band recently broke up due to, well, a breakup.   Coupled with covid, she hasn't sang in a while and it was a way for her to dip her toes back into the water. 

I was there about an hour when someone walked in and sat next to us at the bar.  I basically ignored him for a while, but he was funny, and there was something familiar about him.

I have to admit I was very attracted.   So, why the Lady Gaga song in the title?  

Well, I don't see us being a match.  He's an ex-cop.  Imagine if you will he got a look at my "Badge Blower" blog entry? 

Me and cops are never a meet-cute, and I don't date them, period.  I'm never attracted to them.

But...last night I was. 

And I haven't been attracted to a man in a long time, with one exception.  A guy I hadn't even realized I had sexy feelings about until it was too late.  And that was very recent. 

I guess if you put that together with this, you can make the case that I'm just ready.  My taxi light is back on again, as they say.  

And maybe that's all it is.  

So what do I do if he calls?  I think I will end up accepting a date, and I'm so not sure that's a good idea. 

I've spent years ranting against Republicans and I don't date them.  Listen, maybe pre-Trump, I would make exceptions, but since Trump, no.   I really give my best friend a lot of credit (she's the one from the AARP magazine story), because I have often scolded her for dating Republicans and expecting anything better from them.   She didn't call me a hypocrite.    She's probably waiting for this to backfire on me, and it likely will!

Anyway, I could tell he would be a Republican, but guess what?  I'm not the one who brought it up.    No one ever believes me, because I'm so political, but actually I'm political online and sometimes, via activism, but I don't bring up politics in conversations.

I was kind of surprised when he asked "so, what are your political views?"

But I didn't play dumb.  I so suck at that.

"Well, here's where we're going to run into a problem," I responded.  "I'm a liberal feminist."

I didn't sugarcoat it, oh I'm a democrat, oh I'm an independent.   I put it right out there.

He made a lemon face and said "oh boy."

And then

"I still want to take you to dinner.  You're a beautiful woman."

So right there, he comes out on top of the Son of Sam look alike who tried to tell me I was cute, remember?  Here's   that anecdote from the weekend. 

But he asked.  It must be important to him.  It's important to me.  

But the attraction was strong, and out of the ordinary for me.  So, am I going to go out with him?


After all, this is all about my search for a post-covid, summer 2021 fuckboy.  Since Republicans aren't good for much, we can at least use a few of them for that.  You know, the better looking ones.  Of which there are few. 

Isn't it interesting though how Trump infected the dating world?  There were so many articles during his administration about single people of all ages who had a hard and fast rule in their dating profiles:


And then the paper would interview Trumpsters and they were whining and crying "oh nobody wants to date us, liberals are so intolerant".

Tell it to the toddlers you took from their mamas' arms and forced to "defend themselves" in court asshats!

Even my leans-Republican friend, Janet, got into it with a man she recently went on a couple of dates with.  She votes Republican more often than not, but can't stand Trump and didn't vote for him.  Her date insisted on extolling Trump's virtues though.  See, none of them can shut up about him!  Do you know why?

Well, who can't you shut up about?  Usually, it's your crush, the object of your affection, your new lover.  If you break bad, your obsession.

Yeah.  These Trumpsters are fucked in the head. They're obsessed with this dude. 

Anyway, besides for the Republican I am inexplicably very attracted to, there is another.  The one I didn't realize I had grown fond of until it was too late.  Probably too late.  

So next week, Monday, I am going to text both of them.  The Republican to make a date (he already texted me today to ask me for a date for this weekend, but I already have plans), and the other one, to make plans to meet up.  Not a date.  We promised to keep in touch as friends, and I'm going to reach out to him to do that.  

But...just that?  I don't know.  I have no idea how he feels.  I barely know how I feel.  I guess we're gonna find out.   To be honest, I don't think he's ever seen me in anything other than sweat pants on my walks around my complex, no makeup, and my hair up.  I do plan on arriving bombshell-like and shaking it up a bit.  We'll see.  Either way, I plan on keeping him as my friend.  

So, what's up on Long Island this weekend?  Tomorrow night it's the Off Key Tiki in Patchogue.  A friend of mine is in a band there.  I used to love that place but haven't been there since several years before Covid.  It would usually be a pretty age-appropriate, Gen X crowd.  

We'll see if it still is. 


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