Women Like Hunting Witches Too

 Did Taylor Swift write the Trump years with "Mad Woman" or did Lizzo with "Truth Hurts"?   This would be a great debate to have over cocktails assuming we are ever allowed in bars again, and also, that women are free to frequent bars without a male guardian. 

"Why men great till they gotta be great?" is for me, THE question of the Trump years.   I have watched one after another kneel before him.   Kneel before a greasy pig.   

Until we can meet over cocktails and really hash this out, I'm gonna go with both songs encompass the Trump years.

I love the lyrics from "Mad Woman" (I even ordered the official tshirt, yes that's right), and right now, none speaks so loudly as:

"and women like hunting witches too

doing your dirtiest work for you..."


Look, I knew Trump was going to pick a woman to replace RBG because this kind of sadism appeals to him.  Well, any kind of sadism appeals to him.

Getting a woman to dismantle women's rights and protections under the law, makes right wing men hard.  They won't tell you this in the media, because the media is all a bunch of both sides bullshit.  

It makes them hard.

They pop boners.  And then they have to go jerk off.  And then they think about it some more, and pop another one.

Women on their knees.

And put there, via their female conduits.  

Amy Coney Barrett comes out of the Catholic charismatic movement , and they are a bunch of fucking nutters.  Constantly going on about kneeling to their husbands and the husbands giving orders.  Submissive.  Submit to the husband.  Submit to the man.

Personally, I've always believed these religious nutters are nothing more than sex freaks.  I mean, my theory has not exactly been disproved by the recent Jerry Falwell Jr. contretemps with his poolboy.    Getting off on watching your pool boy fuck your wife is pretty typical of these freaks.

So this charismatic bullshit is just more of the same.  Sexual role playing done out in the open, which adds 3 or 300 dashes of exhibitionism to the fun.

"Oh I kneel to my husband"

"Oh I'm submissive"

"I order my wife to kneel and she fucking kneels and she knows if she don't, GOD will intervene".

If they would keep their dom/sub sex games to themselves nobody would give a shit.  But no, they gotta be exhibitionists too and scream this shit out to all of us.  Do I look like a phone sex operator?  

Why don't they do like everybody else and fuck in the woods pretending they are in The Last of the Mohicans?   You can do that with no one the wiser if you choose the right woods.  Don't ask how I know.

These sex freaks will be all up in our faces over the next weeks, crying pious, when the truth is they are just kinky.  And you are going to hear a lot of faux pious shit about LGBTQ people and how perverted they are and they go against God from these very same people!  Meanwhile they got their pool boy tied up in their closets!  Praise Jesus!

Long-term, I have some ideas about this, which we'll get to.  But short-term, I want to address blue state women who voted for Trump and who are voting for him again this Nov 3rd.


I live in NY and I have women in my own family who support Trump, while parking their white asses in a state that affords them, and their daughters, protections due to my vote.

Because they did not vote for Andrew Cuomo, believe me.  I did.  Even though I do have some issues with the Governor.   During the Democratic primary here in 2018, I sat and thought to myself, well, Trump is President and is gonna come for us, being the spiteful fuck that he is, so who do you want protecting you sis?

Andrew Cuomo or Miranda, from Sex and the City?

You can guess how that question turned out.

Now, white suburban assholes who voted for Marc Molinaro, the Republican challenger to Cuomo, are gonna plant their asses in MY fucking state, enjoying birth control, reproductive rights, equal protections under the law, etc.

Nah.  Take your daughters, and get your ass outta my state, and plant it in Alabama or any red state where you will live by your vote.  Which means, you will live on your knees, by the leave of some man.

Have the courage of your convictions you spineless collaborators. 

Okay, that's short-term.  Let's look at long-term.

Look, the supreme court does not reflect the popular vote in modern elections.  This started with George W Bush stealing the 2000 election, and don't let those never-Trump Republicans make you forget it.  They love this court.  Bush himself called Susan Collins, and others, peddling Kavanaugh's rapist ass.  

Under Trump, who took office in a bloodless coup staged by a hostile foreign power, McConnell thinks he is going to codify minority rule for 2 to 3 generations.

But that won't stand.  Not just for women's rights, for LGBTQ rights, for all civil rights, but...climate disaster is here, growing, and is going to really slam the fuck out of us.  It's going to destroy us.  And this court will interfere with any serious attempt to even mitigate the damage.

When democrats regain the majority in the Senate, they will either expand the court, or they will be replaced.  If they refuse, Schumer, Biden, etc., that is when you will witness the true meteoric rise of the AOC left.  Because they will expand the courts.  

Depending on how the election turns out, and whether or not current Democratic leadership finds their courage, we may be in for a bad decade, but generations?  Nah.  Not gonna happen. 

I call myself a Hillary Clinton democrat.  And many on the far left are too much for my tastes.  A lot of that is Bernie Sanders though, whom I will curse on the day of my death for what he did in 2016.  And he'll be long gone, and soon.  

And the fact is, faced with an AOC future, or a Trump/McConnell one, you can put me down with the squad. 

Take heart.  Do not give up.  That is what they want.  Vote.


We will live to fight another day, and we will have new tools and new energy and new warriors.  This isn't forever, this isn't even for one generation.  Have that faith.  

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