Woman Who Said Only 'Idiots' Get Vaccinated Dead From Covid

Do you ever feel as if you're living on a different planet?   Here's an example of  what I mean:

Cirsten Weldon was some kind of grand poo-poo in the Whack-a-non movement. You know, the group that believes Hollywood celebrities kidnap and torture children so they can make an elixir out of their blood.  You have to torture the kids first because their terror is part of this magic elixir.  Makes sense, right?

In one of this whack job's videos, she said that  Dr. Anthony Fauci “needs to be hung from a rope.” 

She used to taunt those (rational) people who were waiting for vaccines with things like:  “The vaccines kill, don’t get it!” “This is how gullible these idiots are. They’re all getting vaccine!”

Well, she's dead now.  Yes, she died from Covid. 

And how did her supporters react?  "Oh they probably woke up and realized Covid can be deadly, and got vaccinated," you might be thinking

Wow, you must be such a "gullible idiot."  Seeing someone die of Covid, you would run out and vaccinated, wouldn't you?  You fool.

No, they reacted by claiming she and others are victims of a anthrax attack.  Because apparently the Forces of Fauci are staging sneak-anthrax attacks on their detractors.

Or something something deep state.

Other of her Whack-a-non allies decided her doctors murdered her, you know, as doctors will do, and want those doctors dead.

Scott McKay, a QAnon personality known as the “Patriot Streetfighter,” said he would publicize the names of doctors and nurses involved in treating Weldon.

“I want to put the fear into these medical professionals” he wrote.

McKay said that the hospital staff should be sentenced to death, or be murdered in vigilante violence.

I  mean, I don't know, don't these sound like terroristic threats?  Shouldn't he and others like him be in prison?

Why are we allowing our health care workers to be the target of murderous threats, and violent assaults?

They have been punched and hit at their workplace.  Their lives are being threatened online constantly.  Now, their names and addresses will be circulated.  Many are quitting.  Well, wouldn't you?  

The next time your kid's appendix pops there may not be a doctor or a nurse to help them.

How is this okay?

We truly live in the stupidest timeline.  I don't know how I got here.  Being sane in this timeline means being constantly gaslighted.

I thought about posting the story of Weldon's death on my Facebook.  But then I didn't.  You know why?  Because when the vaccine was first introduced, I tried that.  I would post story after story about unvaccinated people dying.  So that my unvaxxed family members would read about it.  Maybe change their mind.

But nothing did.  Nothing will.

Instead, I am constantly laughed at by them.  Mocked about the cold they might get if they contract Covid.

Told I'm one of the "crazies" who actually believes Biden won the election.  I don't think any of the Trumpsters  in my family are Q-anon.  But I don't know for sure, do you know why?

I'm afraid to ask.

And even if they're not, they are in a cult led by the worst person this planet has vomited up in my lifetime, and they do fully believe many of his conspiracy theories, including The Big Lie; that the election was stolen from him.  And from them.

I'm not crazy, but even though I know this, it is exhausting.  Being constantly on the receiving end of gaslighting is exhausting.  It's one of the reasons Trump exhausted me.

I used to call him the Gaslighter-in-Chief.

And his followers have learned well.

We live in a timeline where up is down and down is up and the sky is black.

And I'm so fucking tired of it.  If they take control again, and I fear they will, I don't know how I'll survive it with my family intact.  With my mind intact. 

I'm gonna need a plan for that. 



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