Will Trump Run Again In 2024?

I'll tell you the truth, I'm done with all this 2020 bullshit.  Trump lost, and people claiming he has some genius but Machiavellian plot afoot to stay in office must not have been watching the same jackass I have for the past 20 years.  

Trump's the guy who lured a woman into the Bergdorf's dressing room where she says he raped her with brute force.  That's not a mastermind, that's a neighborhood hoodlum.  There just happens to be a Bergdorf's in Trump's neighborhood.

So Trump's gone.  He's leaving on January 20th, trust.  In fact, there's a better than zero chance he goes to Florida for Christmas and never returns to DC.  Other than his revenge firings, he won't be doing anything from now until January, so we are on our own.  Thousands will die of Covid that wouldn't have died if we had a President.  I grieve them.  For all I know, I'll be one of them. So I do not say that lightly. 

But Trump's gone.  

There's talk of a struggle for control of the RNC, with Trump Jr.  and his lap dance selling   , sexual harassing mess of a girlfriend trying to grab the power of the RNC purse strings.  If they manage to gain control, I imagine they will use their perch to club to death any comers for the 24 Republican nomination.

But I wonder, can a man who speaks like this, NOW:

 really become President again in four years?  Will this fat fuck who heaves himself across stages, often times barely able to stand OR breath, be alive in four years?  If so, will he be sentient?  Is he really sentient NOW?

And  if he does live, over whose dead body will he have to take the nom?  Tucker Carlson's?  

Look, 2024 is going to be a shitshow on the Republican side.  We are looking at four years of jockeying among right wing Nazis who are all smarter than Trump.  And smart Nazis?  Not good.  We barely survived four years of the Nazi gang who couldn't shoot straight, I don't like our odds. But is Trump really gonna be in the mix? 

I personally doubt it.  I think they're fluffing the mushroom to get him to leave for Florida, but like pretty much every old person who moves to Florida, Trump is gonna spend the rest of his life whining about his early bird specials being cold. 

In 24 we are likely to be dealing with the soulless but VERY smart Ted Cruz, the KKK poobah-in-a-bowtie, Tucker Carlson, Tom Cotton who is so evil he held up the nomination of an Obama friend until she died and bragged about the "pain" it inflicted on the President, or some dark horse who is waiting in the wings to rise. 

I don't like our future, but I don't think Trump himself will play much of a role.  If he's still alive I see him being wheeled out, diapered up and drooling on himself, for one last, pathetic standing ovation at the 24 Republican National Convention.  By which point, the audience will be filled with actual demons, as the Republican base ascends from their very-marginally human trappings and goes full Satan. 

And I don't mean the good Lucifer:

Tom Ellis is returning to 'Lucifer': The best celebratory memes – Film Daily


I mean these bugfucking nutters:


Donald Trump's rivals are losing because they don't have the guts to  criticize his rabid fans — Quartz

Hold onto your hats peeps, these psychos ain't getting any mentally sounder.


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