Why Is ABC Allowing Unvaccinated Actors To Endanger Everyone On The General Hospital Set?

You know the world has gone to hell in a handbasket when Sean Penn starts sounding reasonable.  

"On vaccinations: “This is one of those things that should be mandatory.” The actor and filmmaker also likens vaccine mandates to driver’s licenses, calling them “no different than having everybody being able to drive 100 miles an hour in a car.”

He’ll only make exceptions for people with underlying health conditions: While he’s a vocal proponent of mandatory vaccinations, Penn does make allowances for those individuals who are unable to receive any of the COVID vaccinations currently on the market due to underlying health conditions.

He has no time for “vaccine hesitancy” though: He admits that he’s “frustrated” with the resistance he’s seen among America’s unvaccinated population who are able to receive a vaccine but have been hesitant to schedule their first dose. “There’s different kinds of hesitancies, and so I don’t think that there’s much excuse to not know the informational available anymore…That’s part of why I think it should be mandatory. A resistance that’s just based on a certain kind of… lack of imagination and understanding of anything that’s helpful to the human race, I’ve become very frustrated by that. But I can only work within my own bounds and say that, for me, it should be mandatory.”

Full interview here.

I really don't know what's going on in Hollywood and on individual sets.  But I am a secret General Hospital junkie and Nancy Lee Grahn, who plays Alexis Davis, has had a very interesting twitter feed lately.







It goes on.  So I don't expect the general public would be familiar with daytime soap actors, with some exceptions.  I think most know the names Genie Francis and Anthony Geary, who played the infamous Luke and Laura.  Geary is retired but Genie is back on GH playing Laura again.  And I would imagine many know Kelly Monaco from her win on Dancing With the Stars.

But for the most part the names would be meaningless to many of you, so instead of speculating on particular names, I will just say most know who one of the unvaccinated actors is, as he had to recently delete his Twitter on account of being a MAGA asswipe and sticking his foot in it time and again.  He's almost definitely NOT vaccinated.   You can tell him just by his looks now too, because he has actually teased his hair straight up, AND painted himself orange, apparently in some sort of deranged tribute to Trump. 

But Grahn says "actors" plural, so there's more than one.  Thankfully she has cleared Kelly Monaco one of my favs!  Kelly is fully vaccinated.   

The thing is I believe I could probably take really good and mostly accurate guesses on who else isn't.  I know there are a few MAGA's on the show.  Maybe more than a few.  But we have to keep in mind GH is filmed in California and there are plenty of "wellness moms" out that way, and plenty of them yoga'd their way into the anti-vax movement.   So we're bound to get some surprises. 

My question is, when even Sean Penn who looks like a pickled ham, knows that everyone needs to be vaccinated to keep others safe, what the fuck is going on at ABC?   Grahn seems to blame the SAG union.  But she does say she honestly doesn't know if ABC can mandate vaccines on their own.  

I'd like to find out. 

And what is happening over at SAG?  We know Gabrielle Carteris is the current President there, so why hasn't she spoken up?   She is not running for reelection though, and one of the top candidates in the race to replace her is Fran Drescher.  The Nanny is unvaccinated and anti-vax:




How did these fucking morons rise to such heights throughout America?  This is what I would like to know.  We are truly ruled by the dumbest people in the world.  A true Idiocracy.   And if you have two brain cells to rub together, you are at the mercy of these staggeringly stupid, low-IQ morons.   

The most infuriating part, besides for the people they get killed, is how smug they are.  The stupidest people in the world who think they know something you don't.  

Because they "did their own research".  Don't you love that one?  "Oh I do my own research."

Yeah, I know.  At www.fuckingmoron. com.  I am at the end of my rope with these people.  

Some actors of course live with high risk partners or children.  So even fully vaxxed, they can contract the virus and spread it to a loved one, who can then die.  I really have to ask why?  WHY?  What insanity is this?  

Sometimes I watch a news story and I start to get a very funny floating feeling in my head, and I truly wonder if any of this can be real.  Is this really happening? 

Look at this here:

"Outside the meeting, crowds heckling masked people as they left the session, with one man saying, "We know who you are. You can leave freely, but we will find you," video obtained by CNN shows. A Williamson County Sheriff's Office sergeant could be seen imploring the crowd to be peaceful."

That happened at Tennessee School Board meeting yesterday. 

Here is another crowd of morons and bullies:


I saw a video on CNN of a woman screaming at a school administrator "LET MY CHILDREN UNMASK". 

So they can sicken other children right?  What about the rights of sane America?  Do we have any?  How do we protect our children?  How do we protect our loved ones?

How do we protect ourselves?

So far no one has screamed at me to take off my mask, and I live in dumbfuckville, Suffolk County NY, so there are plenty of these MAGA'ts here.  I'm not afraid someone will say that to me.  You'll see the results of that on Twitter because shit will go viral.  That's for sure. 

I'm at a loss otherwise though.  We're in trouble.  I don't see a way out.  Too much disinformation and too many very low-IQ's in America.  We are all living in Dumbfuckville now. 

PS - Yes, I see that "consent" is spelled wrong on the sign the woman is holding in my header picture.   It's from CNN.  I do not believe it is photoshopped.


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