When You Know Nothing About Know-Nothingism

America has always been a diverse country filled with morons, imbeciles, and dimwits.  And we're unique in that our stupidest people are also completely deranged. So what we really have is a country filled with deranged morons, deranged imbeciles, and deranged dimwits.

Oh, we're number 1 alright. 

America tends to worship ignorance and dummies.  In the mid 19th century, these dummies got together and formed the "Know-Nothing" party.  And some of their major beliefs like anti-immigration and xenophobia are strikingly Trumpian and would fit right into today's Republican party platform.   Similar to the way that Trumpsters today brag about being "deplorables", the Know-Nothings were proud of, well, knowing nothing, and were encouraged by party poobahs to reply to any questions with "I know nothing."

Sometimes, when reading idiotic posts made by my own relatives and their dummy friends on Facebook, I am tempted to make a remark about Know-Nothingism, but here is the thing; they have no idea what that is. 

That's right, they know nothing about knowing nothing.  

Ironic, isn't it?

But alas, it's not just my family, it's all over the country.  The 19th century Know-Nothings fizzled out, but that was pre-internet.   Fast forward to the 21st century, where they were able to easily find each other and celebrate their ignorance together thanks to Mark Zuckerberg. 

These ignoramuses are now  celebrated nation-wide, and our media love nothing more than finding a couple of drooling imbeciles in a bumfuck town and getting their "thoughts" on camera. 

"We're here in bumfuck speaking to Joe-Bob and Bob-Joe, getting their thoughts on the coronavirus."

"Joe-Bob, you were saying you don't believe the doctors who are saying that the number one thing you can do to save lives is wear a mask.  Can you tell our audience why that is?"

"Okay, sure, well, like Bob-Joe and me were saying just yesterday, we were shooting the shit right? And some fancy boy comes around and he's wearing a mask, and I said, well, Bob-Joe looka what we got here, one of them big-city fancy boys.

And Bob-Joe starts dying laughing an saying, Joe-Bob you killin me!  And then Frank comes around from the garage, and he starts laughing, so now I got kind of an audience and I yell out


And that fancy boy jumped, you should seen it, and..."

"Okay, thank you thank you Joe-Bob, but can you tell my audience what you were telling me about WHY you don't believe masks work?"

"Oh yeah, sure, that's easy, it's because of the pedo boys."

"The pedo boys?  Do you mean pedophiles?"

"Right, pedos, and they're not always boys actually.  You know, Hillary Clinton was running a pedo shop right out of a DC pizza place.  And now you got Joe Biden, who everyone knows is a pedo, and Fauco, or whatever his name is, you can't tell me he's not a pedo.  And what they did is got together and invented this China virus, as a way to get masks on kids so they can sell them easier."

"Oh.  I thought you had said something about masks not working?"

"Yes, that's true, I agree with you there, they don't work."

"Okay, so this is Darren White for NBC News and you heard it here Dave.  This is what we are hearing a lot out here in real America, and I suggest that coastal elites get out of their bubbles, travel down here, and listen.  They may learn something."

But why are we coastal elites too busy to get down to bumfuck to find out how Hillary Clinton is using Covid to drum up business for her pizza place?

Well, because we are reading things like this:

“I felt so emotionally overwhelmed by what I was seeing. I felt like I was screaming into a void. I was drowning in my own hospital,” Newton said.

Sarah Newton, chief medical officer of the hospital in tiny Linton, N.D., population 997, currently under siege with Covid cases.

"The disconnect with what was going on inside the hospital and her community was extreme, Newton said. She would go outside and see no one wearing a mask or social distancing, “having giant weddings and going about their lives."

The American Know-Nothings.  Not only stupid, not only deranged, but pathologically selfish.

They have taken the measure of this virus and determined they would survive it.  Now many of them are wrong, and we do get to hear some of their last words just before they're intubated:

"I regret not..."

And what they regret is never about Hillary Clinton's pizza empire. 

And that's the only time they care.  When they get it and grow sicker and sicker, and then hospitalized, and then the  morning comes they can't breath at all, and they are told they are being intubated as a last resort, and they have that "oh shit, it can happen to me" moment.

But they don't give a fuck when it happens to you, or anyone else.  And you know what else they don't give a fuck about?  The horror they keep inflicting on the medical community by their refusal to wear masks.  The medical community filled with human beings who will never be the same.  Some of whom died, because your viral load DOES matter, and even though they are young and healthy they received such a high initial viral load from some of these stupid motherfuckers, that they died.

That they don't give a FUCK about.  And to make them feel good about their pathological selfishness, Trump told them that doctors and nurses are corrupt and making money on Covid by inflating deaths and selling PPE (that they didn't have, and died from not having) off the back of trucks.  And if you can read that without wanting to get your hands on one of these dumb fucks, you are a better person than I.

We are worse off now in this country than we were even in March and April.  So many thousands will die that would not have died if Trump were not President.  And he was put there by know-nothings who don't know what Know-Nothingism is. 

I'm not coming out of my "bubble" to meet any of these deranged, selfish lunatics.  The problem is not the coastal elite most of whom are not elite at all.  The problem is the same thing that has always been the problem in this country; morons, racists, and the people who know better celebrating and exploiting them.  Whether it be politicians or the media, or as happened during the Trump years, both. 

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