When Stan-Culture Infects Politics

I have a high-level addiction to Twitter, and I really need to break it.  I spent yesterday engaged in what's come to be known as "doom-scrolling" Twitter.  I ended up going down the rabbit-hole of alarmism, because several doctors did threads about how bad things are going to be in the United States during January and February.  

I have no idea of their credentials.  I  mean, I don't think being a doctor makes you a supply-chain expert.  But their basic premise was that so many Americans will become infected with Omnicron that stores will close and shelves will be empty due to sick grocery workers and also, sick truck drivers.   So no food, and no employees to sell whatever there is. 

I sure hope this is baseless panic tweeting by grifters.  I mean, Twitter grifters come in all ideologies.  Some grift for money, some for Twitter fame, some from loneliness I'm sure. 

And then of course, Colorado went on fire.  I mean, really.  It does feel apocalyptic.

Then you have your stan-culture.  As if the deranged Snyder-cult trying to force the DC Snyder-verse upon us all, weren't enough.  No, now we have political stans.  

Look, we all know MAGA is a cult and Trump is the cult-leader.  Though he can, and may be, replaced in that role, the MAGA cult is going nowhere.

And I don't call Biden stans a cult.  They're not.  But they are stans.  Am I the only one exhausted by all of the Biden stans on Twitter obsessively tweeting "the economy is great!!! historic gains by Joe!"?

Is the economy really great?  I know it's not for me, and Omnicron has put the nail in my coffin.  I work in corporate events, and there are no in-person corporate events coming first quarter 2022.  I had several major orders cancelled just this week.  I have no new orders to replace those.

But this isn't about me.  I did great pre-Covid under Trump and guess what?  I was still living in a mad world, let by the orange mad-hatter.  One of the worst people this planet ever burped up, everywhere, every day.   An insane narcissist finally achieved his life dream of being everywhere, all the time.  Every channel, every headline, every front page. 

And he nearly drove ME mad and I couldn't wait to vote against him.  

So the relative health of the economy doesn't play a role in how I vote.  Though I believe most people generally do better under Democratic administrations and that's backed up by data.  I mean, it's not just a feeling.

But Biden isn't all that and a bag of chips.  And I'm so fucking tired of his stans policing Twitter and if you make the slightest criticism you are AOC.  

I'm not AOC and I consider her someone who is unserious.  

I loathe Bernie the Cockblocker and I always will.  I will die mad at that old, sour, narcissistic misogynist.  I consider the current Supreme Court to be the Bernie Sanders court.  You could call it the Comey-with-a-Bernie-assist court and be just as correct.

I think that loathing made me follow too many centrist accounts on Twitter.  Anyway, they are really pissing me off.  

Joe Biden ain't all that. 

The truth is the leftists have some points.  We do need more socialism in our policies.  In truth, the United States should go into shutdown and weekly checks, big checks, should be sent out to everyone.  That's how we avoid what's about to happen in January and February.  That's how we save lives.

They're sending people back to work after only five days from Covid positive, instead of ten, because there is a horrific worker-shortage looming.

They can tell you whatever shit they want, but that's why they're doing it.

"Oh but it's only if you have no symptoms!"

To these idiots I ask; have you ever had a job???

Because I have.  I remember one job where there was a bad virus going around and the owner was out for over a week.  I got it and was pressed by my manager over where I was after TWO DAYS.  

The same will happen with Covid.  On Twitter it's all "oh but if you have symptoms the CDC says to stay home".  In the real world, it will be "you're not well enough to come in YET?"

So please, get a fucking job before you start repeating utter nonsense because Joe Biden is president.  If this happened under Trump you would be furiously tweeting, and no one would be able to shut you up.  But now, you're on Twitter pushing the company line.  Sorry, that's the facts. 

Do I know if we shutdown and mailed checks the GOP would ride it straight back to the WH, the House, and the Senate?  Of course I do.

But my brain still works and even though I know it's not politically feasible to shutdown, I also know we can do better than this.

Folks, there's gotta be a better way.  Stanning for ANY politician isn't it.  

The GOP has become an anti-democratic, authoritarian-loving death cult.  I don't know the solution to that.  We are in major trouble.

I don't believe stanning Joe Biden is the answer.  But I understand the temptation.  The leaders of the GOP death cult are sitting around vaxxed and relaxed while brainwashing their idiot base into staying unvaccinated.  Those idiots are what's called cannon fodder.  And watch as they march willingly into their graves.  

The things they claim about Joe Biden, who is decent and not insane, are ludicrous.  Ludicrous.

So the natural human reflex is to prop him up and never admit to a flaw.  Never say, hey Joe, I think we can do better.  To turn, sword in hand, and flail at anyone who even suggests otherwise.

I get it. 

But it's a big circle, much of that circle contains jerking off, fighting, infighting, and blinders.

I just don't see how the current political situation gets us out of the looming climate, democracy, and human cost disaster.  It's not even really looming anymore, is it?  

It's here. 

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