What Is Ted Cruz's Damage?

Seriously, I'm gonna need to know.  What is the problem with Ted Cruz? What kind of a man spends his time on Twitter trying to start a brawl between two other men? 




That's a sitting United States Senator spending his time playing "let's you and he fight" on Twitter.   Dude, where Dildock comes from, when a man wants to kick another man's ass, he takes care if it himself.  He doesn't go on Twitter and start begging some really short, slight Congressman to do it for him.  This is just pathetic!


What is it with this obsequious little shit face?  Is he trying to give Lindsey Graham a run for his money in the "who can get their tongue farthest up trump's ass" sweepstakes? 


Ted, remember when Trump tweeted this about your wife?



First of all, that's a very flattering (and very old) picture of Melania, but dude, he's calling your wife fugly!  My dad knocked men out for that shit.  Well, my mom isn't actually ugly, but he did knock men out for disrespecting her in other ways.   My dad is this thing we call: A MAN.  Okay Ted, he's a man.

And you know what, you don't have to get old school on this.  I mean, I'm not saying you have to be violent to be a man.  That's my father's method, but he's old school.  You can also do this really cool, non-violent thing that's called:  NOT KISSING THE ASS OF THE MAN WHO CALLED YOUR WIFE A FUGLY BITCH.

This Ted is a real worm isn't he?  He won't even defend his own wife.  He writhes and squirms before Trump instead.

Let's see what else Trump has said about Ted's wife:



Oh, so now here's Trump threatening his wife!  Well, that would get a knock out from my dad, no questions asked.  The least you can do Ted, is not writhe on the ground like the worthless, sycophantic worm you are in front of the man who said this shit about your wife.

Why is Ted Cruz so despicable?  

This leads me to another question; why do all these repulsive men think that if they grow beards they'll be hot?



It's this new thing I've noticed about a lot of repulsive men.  It's like, they saw what happened when Chris Evans grew a beard for Infinity War and they were all like, yeah that could totally be me.

Dude, you ain't Captain America!

In order to look this finger-licking delicious with a beard


Captain America's beard: the legacy of Steve Rogers's scruff ...


You have to start out looking like this without a beard

Chris Evans 24X36 Poster Barechested Beefcake Photo at Amazon's ...


Not like this, TED


Ted Cruz, mascot of the 2013 shutdown, says he has “consistently ...


Are we clear here, TED?

You may say I'm mean, but look, I gotta nip this shit in the bud.  If I don't, next thing you know, this fool


Sen. Lindsey Graham weighs in on what he feels it will take to re ...


will grow a beard and starting fronting like he's hot!  It's not happening.  Not on my watch!

I guess it's good to know we have no problems in this country, that our sitting United States Senators and House members can be on Twitter fucking with actors and begging sitting Congressman to fight the now-angry actors for them.   

And of course, shit-weasel Matt Gaetz had to get involved, he's got nothing to do.



It's a good thing our economy isn't in freefall. 

And that the coronavirus pandemic has "disappeared".  

And that we have no civil unrest because white people are hunting black people in our country

Ron Perlman is definitely what weasel Ted Cruz, Matt Gaetz, and Jim Jordan should be spending their time on. 

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