What Has Steve Schmidt Told You, Really?

So Steve Schmidt got himself hopped up on a persecution complex and knifed Meghan McCain on Twitter:




Then he wrote a substack and gave us some vintage gossip.  Substack is here.

So basically, in 2008 the NYT's reported that John McCain was sexually involved with a telecom lobbyist.  I remember this.  And they all went sideways and screeched "HOW DARE YOU!"

"Immediately following the story’s publication, John and Cindy McCain both lied to the American people at a news conference that I prepared them for on that same day."

Yeah I remember.  I knew it was true at the time, because it's always true about these politicians and their zippers.  Always.

And Schmidt goes on to say that the Russians also infiltrated the McCain campaign, and McCain was too scared to fire them because they knew about the affair.  

So that's all juicy gossip, especially the part about McCain's sidepiece getting on the horn with Steve and telling him she hopes his children die.  I mean, I have seen some shit in my time, but that's a new  one.   Sounds like something Meghan would say though, right?  I mean, unhinged blondes were not exactly unfamiliar to Johnny boy.  His own wife, Cindy, stole pain killers from a clinic she headed up.  She had her employees write up phony prescriptions and then fired one guy who knew about it and started raising questions.  She broke all kinds of laws and then was paraded around as some kind of hero for other addicts to  look up to because she got clean.  (Sounds like the Never Trumpers, right?) Supposedly clean.  I mean, this is quite a family.  

But John McCain is dead and nothing Schmidt tells us is actionable.  Like, there is literally nothing we can do with this information.

So then he turns his fury on Cheri Jacobus, another Never Trump grifter who used to tweet shit like this:

But who is Cheri really?  She's a nobody.  She holds no power.  She has 200k fools following her around on Twitter, so what?  What can we do with this information?

I could tell you Jacobus is crazy just from looking at her eyes. I have always known that Meghan McCain is a vicious bully.  Girl's not a great actress, you know?  You can tell she is always desperately attempting to hold in her rage, and she rarely succeeds.  Her cup overfloweth.

Jacobus says Schmidt is a grifter who exploited democrats' rage over Trump.  Well, no kidding.  So are you.

So is Rick Wilson.  So are all of them.  

When are people going to understand there is no such thing as a good Republican?   I don't follow either of these two and I certainly never gave a penny to Schmidt's group "The Lincoln Project".  As if.

I donate directly to Democratic politicians in races I believe can be won.  Why in hell would I need a group of disgusting allegedly Never Trumpers as go-betweens?  Because they made some videos that made you feel good?  Please, don't be stupid, okay?

So, what has Steve Schmidt told us that is actionable?  Did he tell us who paid off Kavanaugh's debt?  Nah.  Did he tell us anything about Alito who just stripped us of our humanity?  You know, the justice that Steve Schmidt worked to get onto the Supreme Court?  Nah.

Did he tell us what Trump has on Lindsey Graham?  Because being as close to McCain as he was for all those years, he knows what they've got on Graham.


Listen, when Trump got into the white house, a lot of us knew what was coming.  And we were shook.  I  mean, really, really shook.  Some of us suffer from mental health issues because of Trump.  And because of this Supreme Court and what they are poised to do to women, and then to LGBTQ people.  So we were emotionally vulnerable.  And people like Steve Schmidt, and Rick Wilson, and Cheri Jacobus preyed upon that.  And some of them got very rich off of it.  

But these same people worked their asses off to put Alito on the court.  To put Clarence Thomas on the court.   This includes Nicole Wallace who is now a very wealthy woman thanks to liberals, our forgiving nature, and MSNBC.

But I'm not one of those liberals.  I'm not a forgiving person if you aren't family.  So I don't forgive any of this shit, or any of these people.

Much more importantly; I don't trust them.  

Stop giving them money.  Just stop it.   Give your money to flip or keep a House seat.  Go knock on doors.  Register voters.  Steve Schmidt won't save you.  And what's more, he doesn't want to.  Saving you isn't his goal here.  Saving you is not the goal of any of these people.  

Remember, when two or more Republicans (or, so-called, "former" Republicans) are fighting, have a golden rule:  LET THEM FIGHT

Let them fight.  Get out the popcorn.  Root for maximum damage inflicted on all sides.  Who told you that you have to pick a side when Republicans are fighting?  You have one side;  Democrats. There are no good guys on the other side.  "Ohh but I feel bad for Schmidt, he struggles with his mental health and looks so sad" 

Who gives a fuck?  Oh he struggles with his mental health does he?  So do I! Thanks to motherfucker's like Steve Schmidt who worked their whole lives long to put anti-woman lunatics on the Supreme Court.  For life.  FOR LIFE.  I give as much of a shit about Steve Schmidt's mental health as he does about mine.  Zero.  If he even has issues, because this guy is a manipulator.  Either way, I don't care.  Stop being dupes, please, I beg you.  Stop this.  No one is coming to save you.  There are no Avengers.  Save yourself.  Read the dirt when they fight.   Enjoy it.  You should.  But don't tweet "Team Steve" or "Team Cheri".  Don't argue for one against the other.  Let. Them. Fight.  The enemy of the enemy is not your friend.  He's just the enemy of your enemy.  Let them eat each other.  Get some chocolate cake for your desert after you're done watching.  

*If Schmidt actually gives up something actionable, and not about dead people, something about an Alito or a Kavanaugh, or a Graham, I will update this.  But I won't hold my breath, okay?

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