Tucker Carlson and American Idiocy

What the shit is going on with American Asshat, Tucker Carlson?  I know,  I know, he's always been a deeply disturbed moron and a white supremacist, but does anyone else notice how he has been decomposing lately?

First of all, he is apparently morphing into The Joker?



My whole body folded up into itself in primal terror.  WTF is that?!  This man is turning into a super villain right on camera!  This is all very Heath Ledger-era Joker.  Well, except that Heath was actually fuckable when he wasn't dressed for his role. 

Okay, so Carlson becoming The Joker isn't that unbelievable, in fact, when I think about it, this was inevitable.  

But then, something even more horrific happened.  Much like Pennywise the Clown, Carlson turned his malevolent gaze to America's children:


Are there no men in white suits anymore?  Don't they come collect mentals anymore?   Cause, people, this motherfucker is MENTAL. 

He is 100% calling on the MAGA idiot army to harass anyone wearing a mask, and btw while you're at it?  Target little kids!  And if the little bastards won't remove their masks?  Call the police on their parents!  Keep calling until they show up!   Ask them if they want a balloon!  

This will work out great for black people especially.   And Lord knows we need more reasons for white people to call the cops on black people.  

I'm going to tell you something...I don't live in a city, and if I did I would still be wearing a mask on crowded sidewalks.  I live in a suburb and go for a long walk everyday where I see basically no one.  Or, if I run into someone, we are far apart and can even talk outside.  So no, I don't mask up outdoors, generally speaking.  There would absolutely be exceptions.  Well, you know, I do like to use this thing called common sense.

But I digress... I felt so enraged watching this shit, that I started wearing a mask on my daily walks.  Come at me, see what happens!  I have been well prepared for the Fox Karens and Tuckers of this country since they went around coughing on strangers in grocery stores their first go round.   But I'm nothing compared to what's going to happen to you.  We are going to see some real cases of fuck around and find out now.

Because you are fucking with people's children now.  I saw one man respond underneath a tweet with this video,  that if you harass his child who has a very at-risk immune system because he has cancer, he will be last person you ever harass. 

"That's not a threat, that's a promise," he wrote.

You know, I believe him.  Because if you fucked with my sick kid, the cops couldn't come fast enough to save you.  So, MAGAs, you should definitely listen to this doped up hyena and go around fucking with people's kids.   Tucker won't be joining you, he's busy talking shit from his very well-guarded studio basement, and sending you out as cannon fodder, as these rich boys do.  And he won't be paying your legal bills either.  So this sounds like another genius idea to me!

What in hell is wrong with a country that spawned this useless squirt of diarrhea?  Tucker's stepmother is a Swanson Food heiress, so the family does have some experience in diarrhea, but really, squirting this out onto us was quite rude!  Couldn't you have worn a damn condom? 

Carlson's birth mother abandoned Tucker when he was six years old.  Maybe she saw the Joker in the deck, I don't know.  But she left for a "bohemian lifestyle" so we can see the roots of this headcase right here.   

And now,  he's everybody's problem.  This is the issue I have with you fuckwits who have kids without wanting them or being ready, or whatever the hell it is you are supposed to do first.  You create these freaks and now I gotta look at his underdone ham face, and hear that deranged, Pennywise cackle.

How long till Tucker does his show while holding a red balloon and changes his nightly sign off to: 

" we all float down here, soon, you'll float too"



Has he always been a malevolent, deranged, evil clown?  Has his laugh always sounded this shrill, this desperate, this hysterical?  I just don't know.  Or, is it possible Tucker's laugh has become this shrill and hysterical since Matt Gaetz's appearance on his show?




Hmmm, what's that you say?  You brought your underage victim to a dinner with Tucker Carlson and his wife?  The same Tucker Carlson who has also been accused of a "terrible sex act"?  

Gaetz will never again appear on ole Tuck's show, and you can see how frightened and shocked Carlson looked while Gaetz was letting all the cats out of the bag there.   Or, actually, some of the cats.

Because we don't really know all the cats in Tucker's bag, do we?

What we know is that in the weeks since Gaetz appeared on his show, trying to either take Tucker down with him, or, to OPENLY BLACKMAIL him on his own show, Tucker has turned into a Stephen King character and is targeting America's children.




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