Trump Visits Allentown, PA and Electrifies America With Brilliant Announcement.


Yep, so our Dildock-in-Chief visited Allentown, PA today where his brain had a burst of brilliance.  Brace yourselves:


The same goes for pregnancy and cancer!  So, just don't get tested and you will be totally fine and also, it won't matter if that condom broke. 

Nurses "running into death" is beautiful.  Do you believe this moron?  Beautiful to whom?  Their children?  Their spouses?  Their mothers?  

Here's an action shot of the genius


I don't know why we have to put up with this bloviating bastard spitting germs into workers' faces.  It's really something.  I can only assume that the owners of these businesses are big MAGAs and want the chance to lick his greasy orange ass.   I know if someone phoned me and said Trump wanted to tour my place of business and give a speech, I would unleash a stream of obscene invective so foul into that phone that their ear would fall off. 

 So this is the world we live in now.  Real men don't wear masks.  Never mind that masks don't protect you, they protect others from you, so there's no bravery involved in going without a mask.  Just a stupefying level of selfishness.  

Real men don't wear masks.  Real men grab women by the pussy.  Real men stalk women around stages, panting in their ears.  Real men can't spell.   

Someone find me a fake man because I'm not boning any of these dudes.  





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