Trump Says Wear A Mask, WTF Do I Do Now?

So yesterday Donald Trump told us that masks work, or as he put it, "have an impact".   I'm up a creek without a paddle now folks.  For months he's been saying masks are a matter of my personal freedum and he chooses not to wear one, and that there are "problems" with masks.  

So you know I didn't wear one!  And not only that, I been doing my part to show how stupid DEMONcrats are by going around town spittin and coughin on folks!  I been kicked out of more Walmarts than a whore out of churches!  And they all know me.  So what now?

Take a look at this:



Now, I'm not saying this is me, and I'm not saying this is not me.  What I am saying is this lady makes sense!  She's talking sense to us, just like Donald was until yesterday!  I told the Walmart greeter the same thing - if I fart in your face you are gonna smell it!  So what is this mask gonna do huh?  I have been in just about every store around here threatening to fart on the employees so they can smell it for themselves.  And if that's not proof that masks don't protect you from the coronavirus?  Well then, I don't know what is!

Oh, you should have seen their faces!  There is nothing like the expression on a libtard's face when you outsmart them!

Look, Donald is the smartest man in the world, he really is.  He always explains things so they make sense to me.



See what I mean?  So if the Don tells me wear a mask, I'm gonna wear one!  I don't know why he was saying they don't work for the longest time and now says they impact something somewhere, but that's not for me to question.  I am certain the Don knows what he's doing.  Everything he does is for a reason!

I just don't know what I'm gonna say to these libtards when they catch me wearing a mask after I spit on them, coughed on them, threatened to shoot them, and farted in their faces when they told me to put one on!

Should I just deny any of that every happened?  Libtards are easily confused on account of all the drugs they do, so if I just look at them like they're crazy and tell em that never happened.  "You imagined that, that never happened idiot," I'll say.

You know what, I'm gonna go with that.  Denial.  Denial is always the best option in any situation. 

Now let me go order some TRUMP THAT BIDEN BITCH 2020 masks!    

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