Trump: Meat Good, Masks Bad

Trump really communicates in grunting sign language that would probably do well among chimpanzees, right? 

Or, maybe not.  I can totally see trump grunting and arm waiving his way through a chimp meeting and after a few minutes, one chimp turns to another and signs "is it my imagination or does this dude make no sense?"  And the 2nd chimp signs back "dude, he lost me at noble prize."

Anyway, I can't follow a damn word he says.  I had to watch this video 3 times.  

Yes, it does appear he's saying he loves everybody.  So full stop right here.  This is not normal.  That guy?  That's the guy sitting next to you at the bar where he's been sloshing them back since noon, and you are desperately trying to get the bartender's attention to peel him off of you.

Of course Trump doesn't drink.  We know this because he told us so.  And he's a germophobe who screws sex workers without using a condom.  We know this because he told us so.

Trump's full of shit.  And he's been full of shit all his life.  I believe he once met a germophobe who refused to shake his hand and told him why, and Trump thought it was just so cool.  So he stole it.   I believe he likes speed, probably coke, later switched to the easier to obtain Adderall, MORE than he likes alcohol.  But I don't believe he doesn't drink. 

When I see a drunk, I know he's drunk.  When I watch someone sniff their way through a debate, I know they were snorting shit beforehand.   I believe my own eyes.  Try it.  You might get into something new called "not being a rube."

I'm now stuck living in a country, a county, and a family, filled with people who will actually stand up and scream "USA USA USA USA" because the meathead squeezed out:



What if I get them masks with a picture of a hamburger imprinted on it?  When confronted with two conflicting thoughts would they meltdown?  Would they need to be unplugged and then plugged back in again?  

I'm going to try it and report back.

This whole "real men don't wear masks" things as a mark of bravery is doubly stupid since; masks aren't for protecting yourself.   They protect others FROM you.  Here, dummy, try and make sense of this picture, it's just like grade school:



 As you can see, wearing a mask affords you some protection, but very little.  It does afford others a lot of protection from your germs.  Wearing a mask is a selfless act, an act of community, and act of care.  It says that you value human life other than your own, and want to protect those who may be medically more vulnerable to Coronavirus than you are.  Of course, it's not the act of a meathead, so there you go.

All of this shit makes being a single woman kind of hard, you know?  Like, after lockdown, some day, maybe this summer for a period of time, what's out there anyway?  A bunch of dildocks walking around maskless, ordering rare steaks as a political statement, of...something.

I get wobbly-kneed over muscles just as much as the next girl, but I can't bone dummies.  I just can't.  Smart really is sexy.   Do you have to choose?  Well, there's only one Chris Evans, and that's a long line to wait in, so...we'll see.  I'll be going out there this summer, coronavirus permitting, and keeping you updated on that.   I won't be sexing up any meatheads or dildocks though, no matter how bad things get.  





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