Trump Lights Matches And Minneapolis Burns

The Twitter accounts of both the President of the United States, and the White House, have been flagged today for "glorifying violence".   What a stain on our nation.  




Twitter flagged both tweets with this warning:  "This Tweet violated the Twitter Rules about glorifying violence. However, Twitter has determined that it may be in the public’s interest for the Tweet to remain accessible."

The most important thing you have to understand about Trump is that if he feels he may have to make a personal sacrifice, he will sacrifice the world instead.  He will happily incite civil war to win a few electoral votes.   Blood running in our streets is nothing to Trump.  

Trump is going to attempt to Nixon this election.  And white people haven't changed any since Nixon's days, so don't think it can't work. 

It's been very interesting watching Twitter's Jack Dorsey go mano-to-mano as they say, with the thug in the White House.   Especially as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg raced over to the crazier-than-shithouse-rats HQ, FOX News, to denounce Twitter and Dorsey.

Among the tech giants, Dorsey as of today, stands alone.  Remember when we thought the tech companies were so liberal?  So cool?  Why did we think that again?  Was it really because they didn't advocate jailing gay people?  I'm seriously asking.  Because I have this impression of the aughts, and I was there.  Don't forget that George W Bush, who the right, and especially the "Never Trumpers" want to glorify now, was vehemently anti-gay.

His henchman, Karl Rove, planted anti-gay ballots all over the country in order to excite right wing turnout so they could win Congressional seats.  Let's not forget this in our rush to sanitize the past, to give a pass to Republicans who aren't Trump.

In a way, they're all Trump.  They all led us to Trump.  They all led us to Minneapolis on fire.  They all helped burn down our country. 

And Google and Facebook, well, they had pro-gay policies for employees, didn't they?  Same sex partner benefits and such.  WOW! They're so liberal, we must have thought.  Finally, big corporations that care about humanity.  Remember Google's code of conduct?

"Don't be evil".

 Yeah, they really bamboozled us didn't they?  Turns out most tech bros were just, well, bros.  They don't give a shit about women, they don't give a shit about non-white people, and they don't even give a shit about the LGBTQ community.  They were and are a bunch of Libertarian douche bros.

Today, Ted Cruz called for a criminal investigation into Twitter.  A criminal investigation!

Republicans are determined to make a hero out of Jack Dorsey, a man I really never had any regard for, and whom I did consider another jackoff.

So be it.  

I'm Team @Jack


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