Trump is Getting me Coming and Going

Trump's response to the pandemic, that is to say, his non-response, his absolute refusal to do his job, destroyed my main business.  I founded and built a business in the live event industry.  Mostly large trade shows.  And I was successful.  

After the Trump Pandemic destroyed my main business,  I spent about a month streaming Schitt's Creek and drinking.  I highly recommend the show, as for the liquor, you're on your own.  I personally developed a taste for Wolffer Estate Summer In A Bottle Rosé.  

But I came out of my depressed stupor and created a political blog, something I had wanted to do since the early days of the blogosphere in the aughts.  I knew that blogging was passé at this  point, and it was all about podcasts, but I didn't care.  I didn't do it to make money.  However, along the way I designed some political merch and my Etsy store took off.   Which was fantastic because it's something I'm passionate about and enjoy.   So basically, despite Trump, I happy-assed my way into a second business.

And it was going very well.  So what happened?  Welp, Trump is well on his way to destroying a second business of  mine.

Look, I get it's not personal.  He neither knows nor cares I exist.  Which is how he feels about every other human being.  But it feels personal in that, on election night when I realized they were going to say he won, my body began to shake and did not stop for three days.

I never had that reaction or anything like it to anyone or anything.   And I lived through George W Bush and Dick Cheney, the former one of the stupidest motherfuckers to ever take office, and the latter, one of the most evil.  

Then came Trump.  Actually, if I die this year, I am going to insist that my gravestone read "Here layeth Cecilia. Her life was going well.  Then came Trump."

So I knew.  Or at least, my body did.  For weeks, actually I think months, after he took office, I had nightmares about nuclear war.   I basically knew this motherfucker was going to kill  me, or die trying.  It's me or it's him, and something very primitive in me recognized that very early on.   If the sweat hog who believes exercise is bad for him, doesn't eat vegetables, is obese, 75, and a likely life-long abuser of speed, doesn't kick off he's going to put me in the ground.   

But the thing is, I'm not going easy.  I'm ornery that way.  So here we stand.  The insane buffoon and monster white America squirted out into the White House on their revenge tour against the bitches and the blacks, doing his best to kill  me, and me refusing to go.

And now my second business at risk.  Why?  Well, because Trump is, and right out in the open folks, doing everything he can to prevent a free and fair election.  And one of his casualties is the United States Post Office.

Trump has ordered the man he owns lock stock and cock, Louis DeJoy, whom he appointed as Postmaster General, to slow the mail down.

Now this is nothing new.  This is just a repeat of Trump telling his people, slow the testing down please.  Which he also did right out in the open.  Here he is, right after gaslighting America by claiming he "saved hundreds of thousands of people" when in fact, he's killed them by negligent homicide. 



And in that same sick fucking voice, he told his boy, the Postmaster General "Sloooowww the mail DOWN please."

And his boy said "YES SIR SIR".

Why?  Well, to prevent people from voting by mail in the middle of a deadly pandemic when they may not want to wait on crowded lines with others. 

And now, just this Friday, this:

"Twenty-three postal executives were reassigned or displaced, the new organizational chart shows. Analysts say the structure centralizes power around DeJoy, a former logistics executive and major ally of President Trump, and de-emphasizes decades of institutional postal knowledge. All told, 33 staffers included in the old postal hierarchy either kept their jobs or were reassigned in the restructuring, with five more staffers joining the leadership from other roles."

The Friday night postal massacre. 

So all of this worry that Trump would lose and refuse to leave office has been misplaced.  The real problem is Trump is using every single power of the United States Government, to prevent any election.  This will be a Putin-style election.  Which is, an election in name only.  Unless we come out in droves, in numbers that overwhelm even all of their election-stealing plans and plots, get ready for four more years of this.

My second business?  Just another causality that no one thought about and could care less for.   All of a sudden, I am getting one star reviews on Etsy.  I'm a five star shop.  Why?  They write "never received".   Well, I have looked into every one of them and they were shipped on time, and then just...nothing.  Post Office tracking says "late but will still be delivered" showing its last location, and then...nothing.  For days, for a week.  Nothing.  

Now, customers are notified when their order ships through Etsy, and provided the tracking number. So they can easily see their order shipped and is being held up by the Post Office.  You would think they might contact me about it.  I would send out a replacement and file a claim with the PO.  But, people being people, they strike out at the easiest and fastest target, and that is to leave a bad review and destroy a business because Trump is in the process of destroying the PO.

And these are liberals btw.  My merch is all liberal.  I do not play both sides of the street and would never put out anything pro-Republican or God forbid, pro-Trump.  I will eat dirt first, believe it.  BELIEVE it.   

You would think liberals would know better, that they might read the news and put two and two together, and at least track their package to see what's going on, and then contact me. 

And some do.  But already, several haven't. And already my ratings have gone down.   But people are people and we lash out sometimes, and I appreciate their business, I really do. I do my best to handle the situation. 

That's business number two, Trump.  But you didn't put me in the ground yet.  I'm still here.  And every day I pray, God, please let me live, even if it's just one day longer than him.  But it's not really a prayer, it's a vow.  

It's a vow. 

What I find more interesting, is that no one is talking about this that I have seen.  You cannot ship residential packages via Fedex or UPS for anywhere near the same price as USPS.  It's unaffordable.  When you take down the United States Post Office, you also take down how many small businesses on Etsy and Shopify, and other platforms?  And are most of them women?  

What does this do to the economy?  What does this do to families?  Well we're about to find out and nobody sees it coming.  Nobody in the media at any rate.  

We go down or Trump goes down. 

Welcome to Thunderdome. 


  • Catherine Chase

    It’s awful! And it will have such far-reaching effects. Thanks UK I will check Richardson out

  • UK

    yep…and here is us, busy fighting the good fight in a swing state, mailing voting reminders to people asking them to register for a mail-in ballot! It’s enough to make you despair…

    But no, this is a fight as you said. He’s going to lose…though it may come to pitchforks at the WH! Btw, Heather Cox Richardson on Facebook does a great job explaining this PO office massacre. It’s so disheartening what they’re doing to literally kill the postal service, so it becomes less profitable, and it will go deeper into the hole (which it was put in by by the GOP insisting on burdening it with a pre-payment retirement bill)

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