Trump Incites Violence For Personal Gain. Again.

So, the devil went down to Texas last night and delivered his patented blend of total incoherence and violent rhetoric.  In fact, possibly the only time Trump isn't incoherent is when he is inciting violence. 



Here's Trump inciting another insurrection if he's criminally prosecuted in either Georgia or New York, the two states most likely to bring criminal charges against him, and/or immediate members of his family.

I have always said about Trump that if he ever had to make a sacrifice, he will choose to sacrifice the world instead.  And he would.  Sacrifice the world.  So sacrificing the United States of America is not a big ask to him. 

It is interesting though that he must believe he is in danger of criminal charges.  

Here he is promising pardons to the January 6th insurrectionists if he takes power again in 24:


 The problem here is that the sentences for those traitors were so light, I don't see how any of them would still be serving time come January 2025.  Trump pardons are useless to them.

So this can be reasonably viewed as a promise to his thugs for any future violence they may commit on his behalf.   For instance, if he's criminally charged in NY or GA, or if he attempts another coup in 2024.

How did we get here?  Racism.  Trump came down that escalator ranting about Mexicans being rapists, and he never did anything but incite racist violence.  Grabbing women by the pussy was definitely a big plus in his column, but it was the violent racism that got most of his base off.   And still does. 

The white American backlash to a black family in the White House was furious, and violent.  Trump let them out of their closets to show off their unmentionables, and in the intervening years those unmentionables have only gotten more filthy. 

Here he is incoherently trying to say "endless torrent"


Since he doesn't  know very many words, whenever he slips up, he can't competently cover it up, or smoothly insert an alternate phrase.  So he repeats one of the words he actually knows from the mangled sentence, and then trails off.

He does this constantly and repeatedly, and it is very obvious, yet his mindless rubes cheer.

Do they not notice?  I think that much like the peasants lined up in The Emperor Has No Clothes, they do know somewhere in their minds, but it's a kind of mass hypnosis that no one but a child can break. 

But no one has broken it so far.  I doubt anyone ever will.  I don't think Mark Twain himself could invent Trump.  The entire MAGA movement is so far beyond satire because the things they do, say, and believe define absurdity.  How does one satirize the already absurd?   The Emperor Has No Close is meant to be a parable, not literal.

But we live in a time where the Emperor truly is naked.  

I don't imagine anything good coming between now and 24.  I mean, watching Trump knife DeSantis to pieces might afford us some entertainment, but it will be a temporary respite, as we await the main event. 

And that is going to be a violent one.  We are living in history on pause.  We don't feel like we're on pause because we are concurrently living through a once-in-a-century pandemic.  An historic time in its own right.  But the history of democracy in the United States is currently on pause, and we don't yet know how it will end.  



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