Trump Goes For Covid Joyride Followed By Twitter Meltdown

Donald Trump broke away from his doctors for a short period yesterday and took his terrified Secret Service detail on a Covid joyride while a bunch of deranged orangutans screamed "IT'S HIM!!" spitting their own covid germs all over each other. 






But, don't worry, the President is doing fine.  He's FINE.  He's even hard at work while in the hospital.  Signing blank papers with a sharpie.



Of course, none of this totally sane stuff will stop libtards from going around saying Trump's crazy, Trump's really sick, Trump should be removed via the 25th Amendment.  

Let me tell you something about libtards; they don't work.  So what do they know about a hard day signing blank papers?  NOTHING!  Libtards are all on welfare, buying ribeyes and sending the bill to you and to me.   

Libtards love nothing better than demeaning hard working folk like the President, while BBQ'ing a ribeye he paid for with his ginormous tax bill.  That's exactly the kind of thing they gleefully laugh about.  

Trump will likely be out of the  hospital today, according to his doctor, Patrick Drake, pictured here:


This guy is a primo doc, I knew his father, Doctor Noah Drake.  Who I bet is even consulting on this one!  So don't get too excited libtards, with the Drakes on the case, Trump will likely be doing cartwheels by noon today. 

Mark it down.

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