Trump Goes Ballistic on Social Media Companies

I often picture Trump making chimpanzee noises at his phone while he's tweeting, you know?


Don't be insulted, animal lovers!  I'm the first to admit these chimps are smarter than Trump.  And in fact, I theorize that if Trump joined a group of chimps around an outdoor fire, and they were all doing chimp sign language, it wouldn't be long before one chimp turned to another, nodded towards Trump, and signed "is it me, or does this guy make no sense?"

Anyway, the big infant had a shit fit and started flinging his orange feces all over Twitter yesterday and again today.

All because Jack Dorsey has fact checked a Trump tweet about voting.  Trump is of course, desperate to depress turnout and steal this election again.

Trump reacted as any infant would, screaming, yelling, banging his tiny fists against his head.  Unfortunately, white America put this sick f*ck into the White House, so he has all this power. 





Today, he's trying to get a Twitter employee killed:






Zuckerberg, ran straight to FOX, got on his knees, and started writhing around in front of the Fascists, begging to be one of them.

There are no men who stand up to Trump, not really.  Not for long.  Not strongly.  Some women have.  But no women own the big tech giants, Twitter, Facebook, Google.

Will Jack Dorsey get on his knees next to the little fascist f'er, Mark Zuckerberg? 

Let's see. 

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