Trump Begs White Supremacist Base To Fight Protesters at WH

Donald Trump is probably the worst person in America.  I mean, maybe there is someone worse.  Do you know anyone?  I don't.  He has no conscience.  He is devoid of empathy.  He enjoys watching people suffer.   He's truly the epitome of an evil person.   

And white people went and made him President.   This blog is supposed to have a heavy dose of satire.  Of humor.  But it's really not possible to be funny when the President of the United States begins his morning publically masturbating to his violent fantasies:





After jerking off, he got out of bed and moved to the toilet where he shat out this gem:



The President of the United States is openly inciting a violent confrontation at America's House tonight.  He wants his white supremacist base beating up protesters, just like in "the good ole days".   And if we can Kent State a few of them, well, all the better. 

This is how far America has sunk.  THIS is how far America has sunk.  

Pennywise the Clown is in the White House and he is gleefully masturbating his violent fantasies onto the country's face.  

Pennywise wants some shit to go down at the White House tonight.  And his base will be there.  

We're all floating in Trump's shithole now. 

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