Trump and Dildock Nation Trying to Kill Us Independence Weekend

So, back in the day, there was an American political party called the Know-Nothings.  It was a mid-19th century, far-right nativist party filled with morons.  Sound familiar?  Here we are in the 21st century, and Dildock Nation is controlling us all.  And doing their best to kill us all.   You can spot a modern-day Know-Nothing by the lack of a mask on their dumb, uncomprehending, blank faces.  

Yesterday, while driving to my mother's, I passed this house:



I literally had to stop my car and take that video.  It infuriated several people behind me because there wasn't much room to pull over, so they had to drive around me.  NOTHING infuriates a Trumpster more than a slight inconvenience. I was interfering with their FREEDOM!

Also, I have a Trump is a CLOWN bumper sticker.    I live on Long Island which I've written about many times, and Suffolk County is Trump country.  People get the impression if you live in NY you're in a really blue state and probably surrounded by normals who realize Trump is insane.  But nope, that's not the case.  Just as you have pockets of right-wing imbeciles in California, we have them here too.

Worse, they are in my family.  A family of Dildocks, why do you think I named this the Dildock Dystopia?  Because I'm in the thick of it alright.  And they are all trying to kill me.  

I live in a new apartment complex and the rent isn't cheap, so these are supposedly smart professional types.   They are running all over without a mask.  Here is the email the office sent out this week:

"I wanted to reach out to send a friendly reminder about proper face masks in the building. Recently I have noticed several residents not wearing face masks in the lobby, elevators, amenity areas, hallways, mailroom and package area.

Please understand for the safety of all residents we are asking that everyone wears the proper face mask coverings. Even if you going to get mail, walk your dog, meet a friend etc.

Especially when you are in the elevators we ask to always have the mask on. We ask that you are courteous in the elevator and ask if it is ok to ride the elevator with another residents or wait for the next one.

These are difficult times for everyone and we need to do our best to stop the spread of the virus and be understanding to everyone We look forward to the opening of Phase 4 on Long Island soon"

Did that change anything?  NOPE.  They are still all over here, maskless.  None of them are getting on the elevator with me, I can tell you that. 

As far as a Phase 4 on Long Island, don't get your hopes up bitches!  America has the highest rates in the world and we are going UP UP UP.   When Cuomo has to shut shit down again, these same idiots will be screaming and protesting and calling him KING CUOMO.   Well, the ones who are still alive anyway.  Meanwhile, if they would just wear a damn piece of cloth over their faces, we could keep it way down, and hopefully open the schools in the Fall.  They just won't do it though.

Now, they are gonna go around yapping their dumb faces off, telling you how tough they are and that's why they won't wear a mask, and what a pussy you are.  But let me tell you something; these people are terrified. 

They have no coping skills.  People with coping skills look like this


People without coping skills look like this


I do like to wear my Vote blue mask, or my BYEDON 2020 mask.  Man, it infuriates nutters like this lady, and tons of old white men glare at me.  Don't worry, I carry my pepper spray everywhere in case one of them decides to move on me like a bitch.  But I also have regular, plain masks I wear sometimes.  I mean, just wear a mask man.

Of course their leader, Captain Batshit, is leading the no mask charge this holiday weekend.  He's going forward with his no-masks required all you can eat moron buffet at Mount Rushmore:

"South Dakota Gov. Kristi L. Noem (R) confirmed this week that social distancing won’t be enforced and that the approximately 7,500 expected attendees will not be required to wear masks. The United States on Thursday recorded the largest single-day total of new coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic."




They're tying themselves together now!! Do you know what this country is going to look like by the end of July?  

Stay home if you can, and stay alive for November 3rd.  If you have to go out, mask up, bring your hand sanitizer, and don't get on an elevator with any Trumpsters.  They'll cough on you.  They think this is funny.  Yes, they're that stupid.  Many will soon be choking to death in overflowing hospitals.  Don't let them take you with them. 

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