Triggered by a Love and Kindness Mask

So, we have a Facebook page and I always post my blogs on it, but I also post some other stuff.  This week I decided to do a post about our colorful mask.  Cause I love it.   I call it the Love and Kindness mask:

It is nearly unbelievable what happened next.  I was swarmed by right wing men freaking out.   If you had to guess which line caused the rage, what would your guess be?    I think I might have guessed Black Lives Matter.  Because Trump has been attacking the civil rights group as "terrorists".   But it wasn't that. 

It was Love is Love. 

I think?  I was hit with vicious anti-trans hate.  These mf'ers were triggered, and I don't know what else would  make their little pea brains think of transgender people?  

Some of them were also triggered by plain homophobia:

Tony Rogers:  "so I assume you are ok with pedophilia too since "love is love" right??"

I've been hearing that one since I first started posting on the old Netscape political message boards, back in the early aughts.  But you can tell this moron thought he had me! 
How clever of him to compare child rape to two adults in a consensual relationship.  He sure showed me!
He showed me he doesn't understand the meaning of consent.  Something every woman he's ever met already knows, I'm sure. 

It's so fascinating that of all the things I have posted, this one attracted swarms of right wing men swinging their micro-peens around.   I mean, these guys are on the keyboard march and loaded up with their special brand of small dick energy. 

I had some time to play, and I like to play with incels, they're so easy to trigger.  After I kicked them around for a while, which I know they enjoyed since it's the only attention a woman pays them, I banned a bunch of them.  One click.  Boom. Impotent. 

They will be rage jerking to my cartoon avatar by noon. Afterwards, they'll sob and fall into a deep nap, during which they'll dream about their mommies refusing to breastfeed them. 


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