This Week On General Hospital: EIK!

So this week in Port Charles brought us EIK!



 LOL, she kids!  The reaction on Twitter was mostly ICK, or as it fast became known, EIK!  She is just rubbing in it.  This tweet gave me a much needed laugh at the time.

My reaction?  Meh.  I mean, I didn't find the sex scene between Esme and Nikolas hot.  But it didn't disturb me either.  Personally, I found it very realistic.  If you didn't find it realistic, I really envy you.  It means you lived a more normal life.  I seem to have always been surrounded by inappropriate people doing highly inappropriate sex shit.

I can start out with my aunt who was having an affair with her brother-in-law sometime in the 90's.  Not her (second) husband's brother, but her (second) husband's sister's husband.  I know, shit gets complicated, right?  

Anyway it was so gross, but she was always doing gross sex shit.

Then there is the man I knew during my peace activist years, in the aughts.  He was in Veterans for Peace.  I found out he had actually boned his son's wife!  His daughter-in-law, I swear to God!  I was so shocked.  At the time.  

He didn't tell me, how I found out was, he was having yet another affair (he was married during all of these incidents, and probably still is, poor lady) with my friend, who was also married.  Well, she was my peace group friend.  Not like, one of my OG friends.   Anyway, he told her and she told me.  I really don't know why you would tell your current sidepiece that not only are you gross enough to cheat on your wife, but you once did something way worse and fucked your son's wife.  I really don't.  I have no answers here.

I also have some stuff even closer to home, but I don't want to get into those, because some things you just gotta take to your grave, you know?   Now, these things don't involve me.  I have done some wild shit in my life, but I have never done this kind of inappropriate shit.  That kind of thing icks me out, it doesn't turn me on.  But some people love this stuff, and the more inappropriate it is, the more exciting they find it. 

Anyway, EIK didn't really upset me.  I didn't love it, but I just don't like Marcus Coloma's Nik, I'm sorry but I don't.  I think this scene could have been hot with Tyler Christopher, but back in the day.  He's probably too old now for it to have played hot.  But I'm not sure, I haven't seen him in a while.  Either way, Tyler's Nik was hot.  This one is not, and that's just how it is for me. 

But, I do love the possibilities of this storyline.  I am looking forward to seeing Spencer's reaction.  Nicholas Alexander Chavez's Spencer is HOT.  And he is such a great actor.  Let me insert here that we need Spencer and Cam to go on a road trip.  Like a buddy film type thing.  Those two are so great together and they always crack me up.

Anyway, Spencer's reaction is going to be great.   And then there's Ava.  Who's better than Maura?   She is going to kill it, and maybe Nik too!  I have been wondering if her scenes at the gun range, which immediately preceded her going home while EIK were still going at it, were a Chekhov's gun sort of thing.  Like, that gun is coming back out, trust me!

On to other storylines.  I LOVED Taggert giving Rory all the side-eyes.  He was so great.  And Trina continues to light up the screen whenever she is on.

Now, as to Rory...welp, I'm not gonna recount it here, but he is played by Michael Kruse, and some shit went down on his Twitter last week.  You can certainly find it there if you're interested.  I don't have a big take on that, I'm a white lady, and I feel like it's not my lane to say whether that can be gotten past or not.  BUT, unfortunately, and very sadly for me, this new knowledge did shade the Rory/Trina scenes.  And I had been really into them prior.  I was always still #teamSprina, but I thought Trina should have more than one hot guy vying for her.   I'll leave it there and we'll see what happens.

Do I have to do Millow?  Good lord.  Two more annoying characters I cannot think of.  Anyway, the courthouse story about that baby, has finally wrapped up, and of course, Nina lost.  NOBODY ever wins up against a Corinthos.  That's just canon. 

Honestly though, the scenes by Nelle's grave, between Cynthia and Mo were elevated.  I really loved them and both actors brought their A game.  So bravo.

Carly did one of her sneaky DNA tests and found out for certain that Willow is Nina's daughter.  Of course, she immediately decided to hide this information from everyone.  That's what Carly does, a character who IMO has zero redeeming qualities.  So of course, the PTB at GH decide to make her the leading lady.  I am sure Laura is a lovely person, and she certainly is talented, but the character is God awful.   

A bunch of stuff happened at the pool, all of which I had no interest in.  I had been really high on Brooklyn and Chase, but this "will they, won't they" turned into who cares.  I mean, it's all such immature behavior from two grown adults each with multiple relationships under their belt.

A new character parachuted into the pool, nearly killed Britt and then started a long and boring conversation with Dante and Sam.  BTW, Kemo has never looked better.  And I love both Dante and Sam, but it was boring, sorry.  Maybe this new guy will turn out to be a great character, I sure hope so, but right now, what's there to say about him?

Well, I will say one thing okay?  It was obvious he knew the name Sonny Corinthos, and many suspect he's either a conman or mobbed up.  I wonder if it's possible he is in federal law enforcement, and was told to use his past connection to Dante to go undercover to bring down the Port Charles mob.

But that would actually be an interesting story to me, so, doubt it.

-I need to see more Phyliss and Stella.  I want these ladies to stop being  used for sounding boards in other people's story lines, become bff's and tear up some shit in town.  Like, go out partying, meet and discard men.  Stuff like that.







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