This Week On As The GOP Turns

It's heating up on the right wing, peeps.  They are eating each other, and this is the kind of celebrity gossip I really get into.  Let's see what's happening in shitsville.

"Right-wing political consultant Roger Stone attacked fellow Trump ally Jason Miller, accusing him of being a consistent liar and "despicable piece of s**t."  Link here

Well, Jason Miller is a despicable  piece of shit, but this is certainly a case of it takes one to know one.  Is there a bigger, more despicable piece of shit on the planet than Roger Stone?  I mean, other than anyone with the last name Trump of course. 

Speaking of Stone, who is Trump's number one lackey, here he is putting the Trump-directed hit on DeSantis:  "President Donald Trump calls it on the nose. Ron DeSantis fat slow and dumb. The Yale Harvard governor will never be president. DeSantis opposes constitutional open carry. If you want to know where he was when he was missing ask Emerald Robinson. Or just wait for the video".  Link here

Notice the threat?  "Or just wait for the video."  So, where was DeSantis when he disappeared?  Some say he had Covid.  Stone appears to be insinuating he was with a side piece.  If so, that's a video I don't want to see, thanks anyway!  Just how many Republicans is Trump blackmailing?  He's done it right out in the open  many times.  Remember when he tweeted that Ted Cruz better "be careful" or he'll tell everyone about Cruz's wife, Heidi?   What did that mean?   I also think it's pretty obvious he's blackmailing Lindsey Graham.  Boy, this is getting good right?

Trumpy is apoplectic over DeSantis in particular right now.  DeSantis thinks he's going to become President after stomping over Trump's politically-dead body.  But today's GOP base is all about domination and humiliation and I have serious doubts that DeSantis can beat Trump at his own game.  Guess we'll see!  

Now, we got ourselves some juicy Republican family drama.



Well, this isn't exactly Sophie's Choice, but it is juicy Trump family gossip.  Love this for us!

Shortly after this news broke, Don Jr. released this video:



Welp, looks like he made that 10 minutes, and one 8-ball after hearing daddy considers him expendable.  

Don't forget, this is the dude the GOP base would like to see follow daddy into the Oval Office.

I couldn't make this stuff up, but I can get out my popcorn and enjoy the show!

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