This Week in Port Charles; Still Boneless But Getting Sexy

So General Hospital continued their boneless streak this week, as, if I am not mistaken, absolutely no one had sex.  What is this, my life?  Come on.

However, at least we didn't have to watch as Carson slowly walked upstairs to the Sacred Marriage Bed, so I consider that a win.  And we did get some sexy:


They need to get NuDrew OUT, and I mean O.U.T. of that stupid prison, off that stupid island, and let him be sexy.  I can't wait to see Cameron chem tested, and watching this scene I realized that with Steve Burton out over the vaccine mandate, the way is cleared for some sexy Britt/Drew times.   Brew will be their portmanteau, I am calling that now.  I can definitely see Britt telling Brad she is gonna go have a brew and do Drew. 

Monday unfortuntely also brought us Diane and Carly sitting around "wah wah wah" "Nina's so mean" "wah wah wah".

The best was Carly complaining that she just doesn't know her husband anymore because he doesn't want to torture or murder Nina.  

Sonny showed mercy and "my head almost exploded" are words Carly spoke.

And check out these three criminals having a meet:


You can see Sonny is struggling with his family and realizing they're big assholes.  No wonder he bought Charlies for Phyliss so he has the means and opportunity to hang with Nina. 

Nina is gonna take Carly's man just because she can.


Sonny was so pressed when he walked in on that!

I love Mrs. Wu and wish they would expand her part.  Expand it a lot!  Give her some of Carly's screen time.  

And I'm kind of excited that hopefully Brad is getting out of prison, right?  Assuming Michael doesn't bribe another politician while his mother looks on proudly. 

As the week goes on, we attend poor Liz's birthday party:

Becky's another one I want to see chem tested with NuDrew because I am not really feeling her and Fin.  And NuNick is DOA as far as I'm concerned.  His onscreen son is acting circles around this dude.

But, Liz's birthday kind of became all about Joss and Cam "doing the deed" basically on a dare from Esme.  And all the Facebook Frannies were up in arms over it too.  I saw one of them write, on Soap Central, that "virginity" is precious and should be saved for marriage.

If I gave any young woman advice it would be; find your money before you find your husband, and whatever you do, don't marry the first dude you bone.

Anyway, the pearl-clutchers didn't have to worry because before it was all said and done Joss went full Donna Martin.  

Spencer "renounced" not only his father but everything about being a Cassadine.


Spence went full "Dost thou renounce Satan? and all his works? and all his pomps?"  and I loved it. 

Okay, so Hot Detective Chase (and do you realize I could have properly said "Hot Dick Chase" there and I resisted?) is still not getting any but he's heating up the screen anyway:


Friday ended with Chase realizing some seriously shady shit went down the night Brooklyn allegedly gave birth, and since November is sweeps, I expect this cat is about to hop out of the bag.  

I just love James Patrick Stuart as Valentine so this is gonna get good.

And that was a great cliffhanger for once.

Here is one of my favorite storylines right now though:

This ended with a kinda horrific moment when we see that Esme has been squeezing her fists so tightly that she has injured herself and is bleeding kind of badly.

I don't know if we're going to find out what Esme's deal is or what her connection to Ryan is this month, but I expect we'll see some movement there.  

And hopefully some movement on future supercouple Sprina.

All in all, I can't really complain about this week's GH, it was pretty good.  Of course the various soap boards all disagree but that's the internet for you.



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