This Week In Port Charles

This week was an eventful one in Port Charles, wasn't it?   First up, we got a lot of the younger set.  While, I can't say they cleaned up the mess they made last week, they did progress Sprina, and all in all, it was a great week with our favorites.  

Right now, the only couples that really have great chemistry are Sprina, and BLQ/Chase.  Both couples came a few steps closer this week.

I have to say, I absolutely love the Spencer and Esme scenes.  These are two really good actors, and they do make me laugh.  I don't mind a bad girl, and Avery really hits Esme out of the park.  I am kinda getting into Spence's new long-suffering air.



Spence is kinda like Sonny listening to Carly; the early years.  I laughed.


Is anybody going to realize that no matter how little experience you have drinking, you don't blackout from a couple of sips of a hot toddy?  I guess not!

Here's the almost-kiss that generated more heat than any of the other couples getting naked and going at it.



These two.  We're obviously heading full-steam towards Sprina, though I would still like to see a hot new guy that Trina meets while Spencer is in prison camp or whatever the hell that place is.   He should have to fight for her, and Trina should have another guy infatuated with her.

I imagine since Esme is working at the jail Spencer is serving his time in, he's going to realize she has a connection to Ryan Chamberlain.  Maybe Spence is going to realize Esme is a real whack job and start fearing what she'll do to Trina when he dumps her.  I don't know how this is going to play out, but for sure, Spencer let on he's in love with Trina, and let us see that he now knows that. 

Maybe Esme is going to bed Cam in revenge and then we will have both Joss and Carly in love with men who are in love with another woman.  I can hear the screeching and shrieking now.  I will have to watch those scenes on mute. 

In other news, Peter has escaped!  Wow, no one saw that coming.  I know a lot of people are really pissed over Peter still being alive, but I got over my anger ages ago.  At this point it's become a comedy.  Anytime Peter is on the screen, overacting his Snidely Whiplash shit, I just crack up.

It appears the powers that be at GH, upon hearing that fans don't like someone or something, get really spiteful and give us more of it.   In the process, they make jackasses out of themselves, so you really have to laugh.  They want you angry, but nobody likes to be laughed at.  



Who else loved Crazy-Eyes Dante?   Man, that was awesome!  Dom is so sexy.

Sonny continued his sad-sack tour, torturing various residents of Port Charles.  How is it that people don't run when they see him coming at this point?

And poor Phyliss!  Between sad-sack Sonny and Nina constantly running on about Sonny being a bone or nobone, I'd be drunk all the time!  I mean, she is right behind the bar.  How is she not downing shots?



By the end of the week, Sonny is dressed up like a tired waiter on The Love Boat, and left standing on The Haunted Star waiting for Carly to come shriek at him.  She doesn't show.  Sonny's sad.  If it were me, I'd throw myself overboard if she had showed, but I suppose Carly's charms escape me.  Then Nina shows instead, apparently having decided Sonny is a definite "should bone".  I'm sure Carly is going to walk in on them, you know, nak-ed, and the shit is going to fly.  I have my earplugs ready for that scene. 

I have some real problems with what they're doing with Drew.  Why is Drew always in the woods by that stupid fucking bridge?  Is he homeless?  


I am ready to take a blowtorch to that bridge.  The bridge scene today, with Drew relegated to playing Dear Abby, was interminable.  

This all started when Drew shaved.  You can't convince me otherwise.  He was so hot, and then he shaved, and now he's Carly's sob sister.   Is it just me?  I do have a thing for facial hair.  I didn't even think Chris Evans was hot until that scene in the railroad station when the camera panned to Captain America, all darkened up and sporting a full beard.  I almost died!

And that's Chris Evans.  Cameron's cute, but he's no Chris Evans.  Grow the facial hair back dude!  Drew needs to be dirtied up.  I'd like to see him have a hot one-night stand with Brit.  There is nothing hot that's going to happen between Carly and Drew, period.  Maybe Sam and Drew.  Kemo can always bring the heat in her sex scenes.  But I'd like to see Drew have a little fun first.  And for God Sakes stop making him be Carly's homeless footman!

Getting back to BLQ and Chase.  Take Maxie's baby and give her to them.  I realized this week that I actually hate Maxie.  All the trouble she's caused because she couldn't just tell people she was hiding the baby from Peter.  Now Peter has kidnapped Louise, and BLQ and Chase will blame themselves, when what they should be doing is having hot sex.

Maxie is a terrible character.  She is a terrible friend, a terrible daughter, and a terrible girlfriend.  Why is Austin even kissing her?  All she does is scream at him.  Even after she just kissed him.    

I don't need that kind of drama and I can't imagine why Austin thinks he does.   I would pair him with Brit, after her hot one-night stand with Drew. 

And Mac would never have been shot if Maxie had just come clean with him. Mac! Shot by that clown Peter. I honestly don't think they're killing him off or I'd be really pissed.

Maxie should be killed off.  I would throw her off that damned bridge and then burn it down.  Two birds.  One stone. 

So we close out the week with some highly-anticipated stories.  Sprina.  I can't wait to see what happens with them.  And BLQ and Chase.  These two couples are bringing back Love in the Afternoon, instead of Carly Shrieks This Afternoon.  Well, not instead of, but at least we get a break.

At this point I don't care what happens to Maxie's baby, and I am not looking forward to her yelling at everyone, when it's her fault.  

-Laura Wright works hard.  No one can take that away from her.  She deserves a vacation.  It can't come soon enough.

-Is Peter ever going to die?  I have my doubts. 

-Now that Chase is going to be devastated and spend all his time looking for Maxie's stupid baby, he's probably going to keep his shirt on.  Yet another black mark in Maxie's book!




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