There Is No Such Thing As Obamagate.

Obamagate does not exist.  It's not real.  It was invented out of whole cloth by  Donald Trump, pathological liar and lifelong conman.  If we called it by its real name it would be TrumpPulledItOutOfHisAss-Gate

But we have a problem.  Trump is stupid.  But so was Al Capone.  You understand?  Like, Al Capone didn't sit around fascinating people with thoughtful analysis on nature vs nurture.  He was a thug.  But he was really, really good at being a thug.  He was shrewd.  He was manipulative.   He was a bully.  He dominated others and enjoyed doing it.  He wanted you on your knees begging.  

That my friends, is Trump.  So yes, Trump is a fucking idiot, you're not wrong.  He spews word salad and rarely makes sense.  But he has a lifetime of experience at dominating others, shoving them to their knees, punishing them.  Making them suffer.  Stealing from them. Conning those he can't dominate.   He's good at it because it's innate inside him, and also because he's never faced even a single consequence thanks to his willingness to mob up, and to pay off, or blackmail, officials. 

 And he excels at doing all of that to the craven morons in our media.  Thus, when Trump pulled "OBAMAGATE!" out of his greasy ass, we got headlines like this:



There's no "hard evidence" to support the "claim".   How about there's zero evidence of Trump's latest insane conspiracy theory?  On account of it's an insane conspiracy theory?

Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed - Leonard Cohen

We're so fucked because everybody in that damn media knows President Obama was the most above-board President of our lifetimes.  That there is no wrong-doing there.  That this was completed invented by the conman Trump.

And they don't care.  They'll report it as if it's news.  If Trump says it, it's news.  That's their mantra.  And the lifelong conman knows this.  He can't even believe how easy it is to run his cons on them.  How fast they lay down and spread for him.  

A true The Emperor's New Clothes moment.  But where is the wise little boy to tell us all the Emperor is naked?

Our Democracy cannot hold under these conditions.  And if we don't overwhelm the polls on November 3rd, our Democracy won't hold. 

But Chuck Todd will still have a job.  Trust.  

Don't listen to the media.  Many of them are pig-stupid, all of them have agendas.  


If Trump gets close he'll steal it.

Trump cannot get close.


I don't mean to offend any Capone stans out there.  I purposefully didn't use John Gotti because I figured plenty of the Long Island Lisa's who were out wildin yesterday (see here) are still fantasizing about that idiot.   It's amazing, but on Al Gore's internet, I can assure you, everybody has stans. And boy do you hear about it from them.  Even Mafia thugs have stans.  Which is all Trump is.   And no, none of them are intellectuals, sorry Lisa!

And wear a mask!

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