The Vicious, Vacuous, and Ignorant Sanders Left

Okay, so first things first: Amy Coney Barrett.  Right wing trolls, and I include Senator Marco Rubio in that group, got "The Notorious ACB" trending over the weekend.   They are all sadists and they will not allow liberals or anyone decent really, to grieve.   They get off on this shit.

So I looked into this name sitch, and guess what?  Yeah, she hyphenated.  Sorry! Nope.    That don't fly.  You don't get to shit on women, shut down women's rights, brag about kneeling in submission to your husband, and...hyphenate your name. 

You're Amy Barrett.  Heretofore to be known as "Barrett" from me.

Now, since the biggest whore in NY, Donald Trump, is going to be the one to appoint the judge who will overturn Roe (and likely Griswold but I'll get to that and dumb suburban married white woman in another blog), we are going to have to expand the court.   The makeup of the court does not reflect the popular vote in 2 decades, and that's something called minority rule.  And it cannot stand.

So I want to show you a little conversation I was having on another blog:

ME:  "I agree. And I am not of the Bernie nor even the Warren left. I am a Hillary Clinton democrat and have been ever since I first saw and heard her in 1991. I went door to door for the dems as a young woman in 92. I don’t like the so-called squad, because they are awful to Hillary Clinton, when they should stand on her shoulders and say “thank you”. instead they thank Bernie Sanders. make it make sense. But I understand that i am no longer young and that the future belongs to the young. And I know the AOC left WILL expand the court. I would rather live in that future than the one McConnell has arranged for us. I don’t like her and yet if she challenges Schumer I will vote for her in NY. It’s not hard since I don’t like him either. Personalities are not important. What can you get done, is."


Shanaynay says:

"Hillary Clinton is a corporatist who wanted to keep fighting wars in the middle East. Wall Street lined her pockets. She is old guard to the core and nothing would’ve really changed in major way under her administration, ie climate change, student loans, helping the middle class, etc. Ppl who aren’t millennials or gen z who have been through 2 economic recessions and are inheriting the mess that is the current global economic and environmental issues just don’t seem to get it. WE NEED RADICAL CHANGE. I’m sorry but why should she held on a pedestal to worship other than being a female politician?"


Now, first things first.  Notice how she tells on herself immediately.

"why should she held on a pedestal to worship."

I never used the word worship, nor would I.  I worship no one.  But she does.  The Sanders left is as cult like as MAGA.  Both enthralled to angry white men. 

Secondly, as someone who went door to door, marched, was shoved into oncoming traffic by the then-nascent tea party in the aughts, worked nationally for a liberal group, and rarely rested, for DECADES, just say thank you and move on, asshole.

But the Sanders left cannot do that.  Why?  Because they're assholes.  This goes for the so-called squad too.  Nasty as vipers to Hillary Clinton and other trailblazers, accomplished jackshit so far, but are here to tell you how smart and great they are.  Never a nod to the women before them, women who did the work.  No graciousness in them.  Always snarling, always us vs them, always wanting to tell you how great they are. 

Unfortunately, due to the GOP going bug-fuck nuts and taking a good part of the citizenry with them, people like me are stuck with the AOC asshole left, or the authoritarian, white supremacist, Handmaid right.

So I will throw down with the left.  Because the supreme court MUST be expanded.   But I want to make myself absolutely 100% clear.  Don't ever think I think you're something.  I don't.  I have the same opinion of you that you hold of me, except I've done the work.  

When the day comes that you've done the work?  Then you will have my respect, but you still won't be someone I want to hang with.  That's okay.  And i hope that day does come.  All depends on that.  It cannot be overstated.  Everything depends on your future accomplishments, so may they be many.

But...If you assholes weren't so busy proving how cool you are by using right wing propaganda against Hillary in 2016, there's be no Trump, there'd be no Kavanaugh, there'd be no Barrett.

I'll die mad about that.  So talk big online, but when you see me in person, watch yourself.  Say thank you, or say nothing.  



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