The Sussexes & Privileged Lives; When is it Hypocrisy?

The UK tabloids were up in arms last week over the Sussexes flying private from their NYC appearances back to California.  The usual suspects, the Daily Male and The Mirror, etc.

I have always believed the DM is a misogynistic, racist institution, and I have not seen anything that would change my mind about that.  I want to get that out of the way, because there is no doubt they enjoy attacking Meghan because she's a black woman.  They love it.  They jerk off to pictures of Piers Morgan there.  

But watching this whole debacle really made me think.  For me, what really got me started was AOC's performative bullshit at the Met Gala.


Let's take a look at her Instagram post about this:




There's so much wrong here.  First of all, "wilding"???  Really?  That's out of line.  That's wildly inappropriate.   Alex, you're not black.  I don't care that you're a WOC.  I am so sick of hearing that from people.  Please come correct and note that you are a NBWOC.  That is non-black woman of color.  All over the internet you will see people saying "as a WOC...".  You really don't even know what the fuck it means.  Never forget Elizabeth Warren passed herself off as a WOC for decades.

Don't use the fucking totally racially-loaded word "wilding" Alex.  It's always been used to demean black people.  Nobody's wilding.  I'm taking you up.  I'm not wilding however in hell you would define that, and boy that I'd like to hear.

Next - oh you didn't pay for your dress? Well then that's okay!

NONE of the attendees pay for their dress. They are all gifted designer gowns worth many thousands of dollars in exchange for publicity for the design houses. Just like they all get free swag bags worth many thousands of dollars at the Oscars and other events.

Because the rich get free shit, it's only the rest of us who have to pay.  That's called a privilege Alex.  

AOC and her deluded fan base actually believe that attending one of the most elite events in the country, is sticking it to the man.  

"Yeah! You tell em!  They must have felt so awkward!"

Well, no, they didn't.  AOC bravely "stuck it to" the one segment of the wealthy who nearly to a person, vote every year to raise their own taxes. 

Because that's what the creatives in the entertainment industry do.  We all know this.  AOC knows this.  She didn't stick it to anyone.  She wanted to attend an elite event that far less than 1% of the population will ever have an opportunity to attend, and she wanted to rub elbows with the rich, famous, and fabulous.  And to have her cake and eat it too, she had an elite designer scrawl "TAX THE RICH" on her overpriced gown because she knew she'd take heat for going to the MET Gala.

Then, it ends up that the designer she is bragging about in that Instagram post, is a tax scofflaw and doesn't even pay taxes!

Are You Not Entertained?

Honestly, what a bunch of bullshit.

On the heels of this nonsense, Harry and Meghan came to New York for a publicity tour they claimed was about Harlem or something.  I try not to pay attention to them.   It's really hard not to, especially now that they somehow got themselves onto the cover of Time Magazine representing "The most influential people". 

They didn't get onto that list, no less on the cover of that issue, by happenstance.  They worked the phones, worked every single connection they had, and got that to happen.  

I really don't know what Harry and Meghan are doing for the world that makes them so influential, I'm sorry,  I don't.   For a long time I didn't think much about them, and really had no issues with them either way.  But to me now they just come across as a couple of narcissists. 

I may have been driven to this impression by my formerly-favorite blog, Celebitchy, developing mental health issues around Meghan.  Talk about spraying on too much Obsession in the morning.  

Yesterday they had 8 stories devoted to the Royals.  At this point, I guess the so-called Sussex Squad found the site, and there are hardly any comments on any non-Royal story these days.  The folks who don't give a shit about the Royals left long ago.  What was once a great, FEMINIST community has turned into a pool of mentally ill obsessives who are free, no, encouraged, to  launch misogynistic attacks on Kate.  

Not that I am fan of hers.  Look, I don't give a fuck about the Royals period.  This is an antiquated, racist, misogynistic institution.  But that doesn't make Harry and Meghan anything.  For me, they are all the same.  But I don't like these constant misogynistic attacks either.  

It's interesting for years I never read Celebitchy because Kaiser, the head writer, was obsessed with Jennifer Aniston.  She hated her to the point where it was obvious she's mentally ill.   And loved Angelina Jolie in the same, mental way.  Me, I like both those ladies!  Very much so.  

But then came enlightenment, Lainey from Lainey Gossip famously had to apologize for being a huge racist and misogynist and calling black women ghetto and making up stories about Harvey Weinstein's victims.  And I noticed Kaiser pulled back on her Aniston derangement.  And I loved the political stories there, and the smart, feminist, anti-Trump commentariat.  

But mental health is a tricky thing, and JUST LIKE THAT as they say, Meghan, Harry, and Kate became the new Angie, Brad, and Jen for the writers there.  And they became unhinged again.  

So I lost my morning place, big deal.  Who cares. 

Back to the larger issue; you have eco-warrior Harry and Meghan flying around on private jets, and class warrior AOC getting free shit and attending elite events.

Does this matter?  I think that's the question.  I really don't think that Harry and Meghan's private jet trips, or fellow eco-warrior Leo Dicaprio's for that matter, impact climate change.  Like, we are not all going to be totally fine if those three refuse to ever fly private again.  Or scale down their obscenely large homes and monstrous personal carbon footprints. 

Climate Change now needs massive, MASSIVE, government action.  Individual choices no longer really matter.  We are in that much trouble.

And at least they do draw attention to it I guess?  But at what cost?  They are the embodiment of the limousine liberal so mocked by the right wing.  "Do as I say, not as I do".  That's what the right says about liberals.

And in some cases, they're right, but that doesn't matter either.  FOX news has a far larger negative impact on the Earth's climate than any of these people ever could. 

Still, I don't like giving it to them this easy.  And it does make normal people resent liberals.  Like sure, the earth is in terrible danger but I still need private jets and an 18,000 square foot home.  Or, several of them.   That causes class resentment.  That makes your message so easy to dismiss.  To laugh off. 

The bottom line is I don't know the cost of these people's foolishness.  I suspect they are all just annoying distractions.  And that all of this is really on the American voter.  Who looks, acts, and votes a lot like a Dildock. 

But that doesn't mean I don't find AOC, Harry, Meghan, and their ilk annoying.  To a person, they're narcissists.  And it's really hard for me to understand how that isn't so obvious to anyone observing them and their performative, self-aggrandizing, horseshit.  

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