The Stupid Timeline is Stupid

I'm a big fan of the CW's Flash.  And, though I will definitely see the Flash film with Ezra Miller, Grant Gustin is my Flash.  As all Flash fans know, Barry Allen can speed through time and create new timelines.

Ever since 2016 I have often screamed inside my own head "FLASH where are you? Come get me.  I'm in the wrong timeline!"

I really ended up in the stupidest timeline, and I resent it on account of I've never really  liked stupid people.   They just get on my nerves as they go stupid-assing around happy as clams in shells spreading their stupid.  I don't like talking to them, I don't like listening to them, and I don't like looking at them because stupid people usually have stupid faces.

Even though I smile a lot and have often been mistaken for being "sweet", as in people have actually said about me "Oh she's sooo sweet!" that's a total con.  I'm not sweet, and I have really nasty thoughts.  So, I am sure I am being punished by God for all of my nasty thoughts (and not the ones about Chris Evans, those are just normal), by being stuck in the stupidest fucking timeline anyone could have ever created.



"Hi, Nancy's office?  Yeah, I was there chanting "where's Nancy she's gonna float today"  like Pennywise the Clown with a noose in my backpack on January 6th?  Oh, you remember that day?  Cool.  Me too.  So anyway, I lost my wedding ring and my wife's about ready to smash her frying pan upside my head.  Oh you found it!  Wow.  Can you mail it to me?  Okay, here's my address."

Meanwhile, over on the west side of Stupidville, a lot of people are getting health advice from a stand-up comedian.  

“If you’re like 21 years old, and you say to me, ‘Should I get vaccinated?’ I’ll go ‘no." - Joe Rogan.

Oh okay, but why are you asking a stand-up comedian for medical advice??  Who are these people?  If you start bleeding post-hysterectomy, or start bleeding out your ass at any time, do you call up Dave Chappelle?

"Dave I just noticed a ton of like really dark blood in the toilet bowl, what should I do?"

Do you have any idea how fucking stupid you are?


"When Rogan announced in September that he tested positive for coronavirus, he said he was using a number of therapeutics and treatments, including the anti-parasitic drug ivermectin."

For horses.  Ivermectin is an anti-parasitic drug for horses.  It's dangerous for humans to take and can cause explosive diarrhea (which usually comes out their mouth so imagine how confused they get when it starts coming out the other end), and even death. 

"Rogan, a stand-up comedian and color commentator for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, is a lightning rod with a huge following. Spotify acquired Rogan’s podcast library in 2020 in a reported $100 million deal."

Rogan's number fan is Ben Shapiro.  Speaking of stupid

See?  It's the stupid timeline.  And here we all gather.

Take a look at this:




So this escapee, freshly hatched from the looney bin, thinks she's gonna be President?


I guess once Trump became President every nutball thought "hey, why not me?"

And why not indeed.

Here's Trump-endorsed, Pennsylvania Senate candidate, Sean Parnell, explaining that feminists ruined everything and longs for the days when women were attracted to men because men could defend them from dinosaurs. 




This one was a double-shot on my poor brain because I saw a lot of folks scoffing that women can take care of ourselves and want partners, without seeming to notice that, readers:


So no woman, or any person, ever looked to any other person to fight dinosaurs for them on account of Jurassic Park isn't real and humans and dinosaurs never existed during the same period.

This one nearly broke my brain, as in, put me in a mental institution, where by the way, there are plenty of rooms on account of they let all the derp-faced lunatics out. 

You can now catch them on Spotify. 

Barry Allen, where are you?  Come get me.  

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