The One Year Anniversary of the January 6th Coup Attempt

Well, here we are.  One  year later.  And what a year it was.  I feel as if I've lived a decade since last January. 

In many ways, it's been better.  Donald John Trump is a poster child for narcissistic personality disorder, but IMO that only scratches the surface of this monster.  It was the driving force of his life though.  It's what drove him to invent a PR rep he himself played, John Miller.  Pretending to be the nonexistent John Miller, early Trump would phone NYC media sources to brag about how many women wanted to bang his boss, Donald Trump.  Sometimes he called himself "John Barron".  He has a son named Barron. 

You can read about this psycho shit here. 

After decades of being a fucking NYC clown show, a sexual predator, and a mobbed-up money launderer, Trump finally realized his life long fantasy.

He was everywhere.  You couldn't turn on a tv, read a newspaper, walk into a bar, without seeing his face and hearing his booming threats and thuggery.  Not to mention the word salad. 

A dream come true for him, a nightmare for me.  

So not seeing and hearing that mafia thug daily has been a real relief.  And it's made things better. 

But..are things really better?

So far, no one who led the coup, which includes Trump himself, and all the King's horses and all the King's men (and Sean Hannity), have been charged.

I doubt they ever will be.

A significant portion of the country will celebrate January 6th like it's a holiday.  They will celebrate the attempted overthrow of American democracy.

Worse, they are planning another one.  Whether they actually lay siege to the Capital next time, or, just as likely, some states simply refuse to certify a Democratic win, we don't know yet.  And after having erected as many barriers to voting as they can, making their theft all the easier. 

But it's certain that American democracy is hanging by a thread. 

When they steal the next election, and they will, what will the blue states do?  Live under the authoritarian boot of a bunch of fucking lunatics?  Or is civil war really coming?

I don't know if Trump is going to be the 2024 nominee, because I don't even know if he's running.  It doesn't matter much, their nominee will be a bug-fuck nuts authoritarian, that  much is certain.  If it's not Trump, it's likely to be Ron DeSantis,  and we see what he's done to Florida.  Or someone even crazier.  I mean I don't know.  

In Texas they have one, Greg Abbott, who is telling men to hunt down women for bounties, so he's a real contender.  So is any white guy who has ever beat up his wife or raped a woman. 

We really don't know.  



The January 6th Committee has called Sean Hannity to answer some questions. It seems ole Sean was deeply involved in the planning of the coup.  But Chris Cuomo was fired for advising his brother.  Go figure.  Not that I think Cuomo should have been doing that, and I have always considered him a meathead, but come on now.   

Sean Hannity always looks to me like he's struggling to hold in his farts.  The older he gets, the harder it is, so you don't want to really be around this guy.  He apparently has some gas in his brain too, because this fool thought he was Trump's closest advisor throughout his Presidency, and thus he made the mistake many before him made; he thought he could control Trump.

They all shit their pants when they realized what normal people already knew; no one can control Trump.  

Because he's a monster.   If ever called upon to make a sacrifice, Trump was always going to sacrifice the world instead.  That's who he is. That's who he always was.  That's who he will always be.

And yes, this country may very well make him President again.  Either way, the racist, misogynistic, fascist cult, MAGA, is going nowhere.

And if you know anything about our history, they are as American as apple pie baby.  

But let me not be too "woke" which to most of sleepy America is the real sin. 

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