The One Where We Found Out Letitia Wright Is Not A Method Actor

So it ends up that a dumbass is playing Shuri, the genius from Black Panther.  How 2020 is that news?  

The Black Panther star tweeted a video from some loon named Tomi Arayomi, and here is a quote from the genius' video:

"I don't understand vaccines medically, but I've always been a little bit of a skeptic of them,". 

The video was filled with anti-vax tropes and crazy talk.

Wright at first doubled down on her staggering stupidity by liking tweets that said Black Panther 2 should be cancelled.  And she answered a tweeter who said "you work for Disney" with "No! I work for GOD!"  

She has since deleted her Twitter account, and why?  Because she's been low-key flying under the radar for a long time.  Her Twitter history, including her "likes" show someone who is at the very least Qanon curious.   She also peddled in crazy election conspiracies.  And on the day Biden was finally declared winner, she tweeted a warning about the "Satanic agenda". 

A mere coincidence I'm sure.

So here you have one of the stupidest human beings playing Shuri, a genius, and sister to T'challa.   Ever since Chadwick Boseman's horrible and untimely death, many Marvel fans have been talking about Shuri maybe becoming the new Black Panther.  As T'Challa's sister this would make narrative sense.  I love the character and thought it was definitely one possibility that could turn out really well. 

Everybody loves Shuri.  And Wright maybe had some responsibility to that?  I would believe so, yes.  But stupid people are gonna play stupid games and win stupid prizes. 

So instead of being grateful that she was able to fly under the radar and nobody really noticed she was a likely Trumpster, a Qanon whackjob, and a transphobic asshole, she decided to post groundless, GROUNDLESS, anti-vaccine conspiracies from a Youtube nutter. 

At a time when thousands are dying every day, and millions want their damned lives back. We won't get  our lives back in 2021 if these kind of nutty ideas take hold.  

After she called so much attention to herself with this nonsense, people went combing through her Twitter history, and uh-oh.  Since she at first deleted the video, and later deleted her whole account, it seems that maybe she DOES work for Disney, and not God, after all?  Huh.

We've all seen that many (not all) celebrities don't play by the same rules we do.  So many of them have been photographed breaking quarantine guidelines and rules, just happy-assing around having big birthday parties, not wearing masks, etc.  So I can see how for someone like Wright, sitting on all that gorgeous Marvel money, whether or not we have a successful vaccine program that can give the majority of people their damn lives back, is not worthy of consideration. 

So why not open your ignorant yap and start, well, yapping.  We will see where that gets her, but any Shuri-lovers better adjust their expectations, because Shuri won't be the next Black Panther now.  Unless Disney recasts. 

Because the moron who plays her fucked around and found out. 

Letitia is another example of celebrities not knowing that shutting the fuck up is free.  What really boggles my mind, and be clear, has for some time, so this is WAY beyond Wright, is watching celebrities fuck up on social media and then...double down.

I watched it happen for the first time (that I noticed anyway) with a favorite soap actress of mine from General Hospital.  I couldn't believe it.  She really said something just pig ignorant, and it was about race, and instead of shutting the fuck up, she doubled down and started arguing with people in her mentions. 

She actually trended all night long and that just doesn't happen with soap actors you know?  This isn't Luke and Laura's wedding days after all.  Nobody really cares or even notices what goes on on Soap Twitter, except for crazies like me.  

And I've watched it happen so many times since.  If you're famous, or a Soap Actor (LOL), and you make a tweet that starts getting a lot of negative attention?  

If you are on a computer shut it down and walk away from it.  If you are on your phone, take it, walk to the kitchen, and put in the freezer.

Then get on your landline and if you're a celebrity you know you have one, so stop trying to play too cool for school, and call your PR rep.  Show them the tweet.

If you tweeted something as stupid as I think you did, she will tell you to immediately delete it while she crafts a statement about how you're checking into rehab because you're high as fuck.  

Then go on Etsy and buy a needlepoint something or other that reads:


When it arrives, hang it in a very prominent place.  

You're welcome. 


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