The Omnicron Surge

The last I looked the positivity rate in NYS was at about 20%.  Which  means two people out of every ten you are around, are exposing you to Covid.  And, I don't even believe that figure because plenty of active cases are walking around untested and unbothered.  Add to that the ones who think they just have a cold, and who knows what the real rate is.

I recently joined an in-person networking group for the first time since about 2018.  I hate networking.  It's unbelievably boring, especially the weekly ten minute presentation from a rotating cast of members.  How many times do you think you can listen to a drone talk about insurance or mortgages before you want to kill yourself?

But times are tough so I decided to do it.  I only went twice, they took a break for Christmas and New Year's week.

But this morning I got an email saying "See you tomorrow!"

Yeah, no you won't.

Why not go back to Zoom meetings for the next two months?  Experts seem to believe this surge will have ended by then, and you did it that way for much of 2020.

I'll never really get it.  To add to this, my industry's biggest Expo is taking place in Las Vegas this week.

Many of the biggest suppliers pulled out last week, but some big suppliers are still attending.  And I do feel really badly for those smaller suppliers who already invested so much and can't take the loss of not going ahead.

But, this Expo should have been delayed.  This way, no one takes a loss.  Delay it until spring.

My trade group FB page is full of this nonsense.   My industry happens to be very white, and skews very Republican.  In other words, it's filled with meatheads.  

The fights that used to break out there during the Trump years, caused me to stop getting notifications and ignore the group for a long time.  The fights were always instigated by Trumpsters.  They  just can't stop themselves.

Now they are on there talking about sheeple and cowards and bragging about how they are flying to Vegas.

Well, go ahead.  Like, if some of my competition wants to take themselves out, why would I be upset about it?  They always think they are upsetting liberals, and making us cry.  Meanwhile, I'm sitting here smirking. 

I was in that hellhole Las Vegas in late October for a client event that I had no choice but to attend.  I hate Vegas at any time.  But I had a breakthru Covid case the first week of October, so I knew I wouldn't get reinfected there.  If I hadn't had that case, I would have been infected.  And that would have meant being unable to fly back home without a very expensive period of isolation at the Wynn.  So that whole thing actually worked out at in my favor.

You wouldn't catch me there this week though.

The stories that will be  coming out of this wrong-headed show are going to be something.  You get certain deals to attend these things.  I had one at the Wynn because I was with my large client, and I got their rate.  If I had gotten Covid, and had to stay even a couple of days, it would have cost me thousands of dollars.

Some of that will happen here, but a lot of these asshats will refuse to test, and just get on the plane.  Because Omnicron is going to sweep through this expo like a wildfire.

Plenty of these morons are unvaccinated, so there will be a few deaths after they try slurping down as much horse medicine as they can get their hands on. Some of them are drinking their own urine now.




Can you even believe this shit?  The moment I saw this, I stopped suspecting I live in a simulation whose programmers got bored, and knew I did. 

The vaccinated will end up having to pay thousands out of pocket to stay at the Mandalay for additional days, with no show discount.  Others will simply ignore it, travel home, and infect others.

One of the supplier attendees just posted a FB live video walking around the damn floor interviewing people maskless.  "I promise I have a mask," she said.

Oh, well as long as you have a  mask, there's no need to wear it.  Having a mask in your pocket works just as well as a mask on your face.  That's just basic science!

She was out of breath in the video.  Because she was walking and talking and is out of shape?  Or because she has Covid?  I don't know, it's Vegas so spin the wheel!

I really can't make sense out of any of this.  This surge is going to end fairly quickly, so sit your ass at home until the end of February or early March.  These are not essential workers.  They will be infecting essential workers though. 

I wish some common sense would make a comeback.  And maybe throw in some sense of individual responsibility to the public at large.

Apparently that's too big a ask for today's America. 


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