The Karen Proliferation

What is happening? I cannot believe the number of videos of racist white idiots acting the fool for the camera. The latest is Amy Cooper threatening a black man in Central Park.

“I’m going to tell them there’s an African American man threatening my life,” she bragged into a camera she KNEW was recording her.

She was fired from her job the very next day. For being racist. That's good. But I would love to be in the position where one of these morons worked for me so I could call them into my office and let them know they're fired for being fucking stupid.

"Your racism is offensive and intolerable on every level, but I want you to know that I am also beyond furious that I've had an imbecile working for me this whole time."

Why are white people so stupid? I mean, I know we're racist. I grew up in a racist culture, and if you're white, you have to put in the damn work to not be racist. Because you were brought up to be racist. You can whine and cry about your hippy parents who raised you "not to see color", but guess what? You're racist. So were your parents.  (and you so see color, so stop that now)

BTW all men, this also applies to misogyny.  You were brought up in a misogynistic culture.  

But your parents and our culture didn't tell you to get yourselves filmed saying and doing racist shit.   Someone points a camera in your face and your best decision is, let me do some racist shit while they're filming me?  And you want a JOB working for ME?  First of all, I've ended relationships over racism, so I'm not going to have your racist ass around my office.   Your stupidity is bound to also adversely affect both me, and my business.   And also, my blood pressure.  

"I have a camera here would any white people like to show their asses to the world?"

And white people line up to do it! 

"Oh me me, pick me!" as they prance their idiocy around like they are in the jackass lottery.   

What is the prize for winning this jackass lottery?  Did you ever think to ask that before you jumped in front of the camera to out-stupid other stupid people?

Is this because of Trump?  Did Trump's so-called "win" make white people think racism is cool now, or something?  

I'm gonna tell white people something and I want you to listen up good.  

You are not the President. 

Donald Trump will forever be a stain on our nation, and I don't even know if we're coming back from his Presidency.  I personally doubt it.

Here's what I do know.  Donald Trump is coward.  He talks a lot of shit because he was born with a golden spoon up his rank ass, and so no one was ever able to get near enough to make him face consequences.  IF Donald Trump was ever out and about without his limo, his bodyguard, his driver, and now, his secret service protection, Donald Trump would have had his fat ass beaten many times in this life.

If you tell a man his wife is ugly, chances are, he will beat your ass.  Ted Cruz didn't beat Trump's ass because, well, one, Ted Cruz is also a coward.  And also because Trump already had bodyguards.  IF Trump did not have bodyguards, he wouldn't dare peep his mouth like that.  If you think that coward would ever walk into a midtown bar and call some dude's wife ugly, then you are, that's right; a fucking idiot.

If you go around calling women fat pigs, one of them will clock you right in your head with something heavy.  Eventually, this will happen.  

Donald Trump can sit on twitter and spew vile piggery because no one can stop him because he's the President.

You are not the President.

You will get your ass beat, or filmed and fired. 

How many more Karens have to helpfully act this all out for you before you just stop doing this shit?

Trump didn't make racism acceptable to anyone other than the people it was already acceptable to. 

Herein endth the lesson. If you need another one, I am going to kick your ass myself. 

Let's hope we can Dump Trump in November. 

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