The Immersive Van Gogh Exhibit at the South Street Seaport

I bought tickets for this event way back before I was even vaccinated.  I figured I would be by now, so I took the chance.   

This show was so amazing that none of my pictures or videos do it any justice.  You really have to go to appreciate it.



That's me, totally immersed!  But as I said you can't tell anything from the pictures.  I have a lot more but I chose this one because my face is a bit obscured and I'm not exactly dying for everyone I know to find this blog.

Especially my family obviously.  Whom I've skewered quite a bit here!  But they're so skewerable!  I don't know anyone who leaves themselves more open for it. 

I sometimes wonder what would happen if any of my family found this.  I know the cousins I've written about would tell me to get fucked and not speak to me again. 

My brothers would be pissed off but they wouldn't stop talking to me.

My right wing aunt would flip the fuck out that is for sure. 

Anyway, it's not really something I want my family reading but I wouldn't kill myself if they found it either.  Whatever.

So, the immersive event was so beautiful that I would do another one.  The Michelangelo Sistine Chapel exhibit is coming to New York in September.  I would definitely go if I have the chance. 

After this we headed to Little Italy which I love!  Back in the aughts I was there on a date and the cast of The Sopranos was walking around.  Not shooting, they were just there to eat.   They caused quite a stir, but at the time I hadn't even seen the show yet, so I really didn't care.   Also, James Gandolfini wasn't with them.

The guy I was with didn't even know what the show was, he was such a pop culture blank.  He knew nothing about pop culture and I'm sure he knows less these days.   His name was Michael and he was a college professor I met online but not on a dating site.  I met him on a political message board I was addicted to at the time.  

Back in the aughts I met a lot of men on political message boards.  It was during the W years and I was the NYC media coordinator for a pretty well-known liberal group.  So I was obsessed with politics.  At the time, I thought W was as low as we could go.  Can you imagine being that naïve now? 

These were the old Netscape and then later, AOL boards, and I don't think there's anything like that around now.  I guess for politics it's all about Twitter, right? 

OMG I would never meet a man on Twitter.

So either the internet has changed, or I have.  Probably a bit of both.

When I first got on Twitter, Gamergate was just getting rolling, and God that was such a turnoff.   And nothing's gotten better since, it's all gotten worse.  So I think the internet has changed.   It's not a safe place for women, though, what place is? 

But back then I had some really great experiences.  At one time I was kinda famous on the Netscape Rate Bush board.  Infamous is more true.  Man did the conservatives loathe me.  I still laugh thinking about how bad I pissed them off.  I bet you anything some of them are still out here looking for me.   

I do tweet a bit these days, but not much really.  I have some peeps I really like there, but I mostly work and then when I feel like I'm going to explode from the political bullshit we are all subjected to, I blog.  

I wonder what normal people do?  I don't know any. 

I guess they go to things like the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit.  So maybe I did do something normal this weekend?  Other than getting smashed last night, which I don't think is that normal for a woman of my age. 

Anyway, all told, a pretty great weekend without really being a typical Long Island summer weekend at all.  Next week, I'll be back out east and getting back to that whole vibe though. 



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