The Hottest Male Television Characters

I was going to title this "the hottest male tv characters in history", but I realized that I have no standing to write that article.  What do I know about who was hot in the 60's or the 70's?  Honestly I can't  think of one tv character from the 80's that I want to sex.  

Nope. We have to begin in the 1990's.  Late 90's to be precise.  

Why am I writing this?  Well, because I'm on lockdown bitch!  And I don't know about you, but I didn't lockdown with any penis handy, and I am not one for ordering out.  Now, I'm not sorry that I'm not quarantined with one of my exes.  In fact, it's one of the few things I'm thankful for.  Still, a girl's got to eat, so I've been compiling my fantasy fuck draft list.

I mean, men do it with football.  They are always talking, tweeting, and texting about fantasy drafts.  Why not me?  

There's  no reason not to!  Unless you object to objectifying men and make the case that it's no better than when men objectify women, in which case...well, you're probably right, but I'm so bored. 

So, let's get started.  Here are my fantasy fuck draft picks of tv characters.  Now, in a very few cases, the actor is so damn sexy, that I'm really drafting him.  In most cases it's just the character I find hot. 

Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Okay, so I was definitely very into Angel.  He was gorgeous let's face it. I don't really remember getting HOT over him until they added some nice depth to his character for his spinoff series though.   I remember the premiere episode, entitled "City of" and when it was over, I thought to myself, wow, very cool Batman vibe. 

And I definitely think there was a big Batman vibe to Angel, throughout it's run, but never moreso than that first season.  In fact, there were a lot of rumors that Boreanaz  was on a short list for Nolan's trilogy.  The role of course, went to Christian Bale.  I don't know if that's true, but there was a moment in television history when nobody, and I mean nobody, did the big broody hunk like Boreanaz.  So, I could see it.  

Anyway, yeah I would sex up Angel.  All that brooding, all that guilt, who could resist?  Dark nights (haha) in his deserted hotel, talking about all that literature he was always shown reading (though we never really knew what in hell it was) followed by some writhing.  I could get on that.



Spike, Buffy the Vampire Slayer:  Spike was the hot bad boy.  The actor, James Marsters, created chemistry with everyone on that show.  And he knew how to do sexy, from his very first episode.   I remember one of his first scenes where he slides his hand down his body, and it's so early on you'll feel like Sarah Michelle Gellar's Buffy is too young to be exposed to such raw sexuality.  Spike is wild, dirty, all night sex, and it was a wise choice to wait for season 6 before he and a then more mature Buffy sex up.   But I'm no schoolgirl and Spike is so drafted!



Ryan Atwood, The O.C.:  From what I've subsequently read, the set on this show was a total mess.  But whatever the behind the scenes drama, it all came together on screen, and I LOVED the O.C.  I really never understood how it got cancelled season 4, while One Tree Hill went on forever.  No judgement, I just never got into One Tree Hill.  At all.  I loved the sly, self-awareness of The O.C.   And it had a lot of humor.  And of course, HOT Ryan.  Everyone wanted to do HOT Ryan.  



While we're on The O.C. let's not forget about this classic scene:



That scene always cracks me up.  I still quote that.  I used that clip on twitter Bernie Bros right after he got his ass kicked in South Carolina.  It was so awesome.


Clark Kent, Smallville:

Tom Welling.  Still one of the most beautiful people I've ever seen.  Look at those cheekbones.  And he's tall.  And he has a gorgeous body.  What chance did any of us stand, really?


Let's take a look at Tom Welling today:

That  picture is from Season 3 of Lucifer, where Tom played Cain, of Cain and Abel.  Yep, still gorgeous.  Yes, I would let this man wreck my life.  Honestly, he has the best arms of anyone on this list.  Yes, better than Captain America himself.  It's those damned forearms that get me.  I have never seen a man more beautiful than Welling during the Smallville years.  The show ran 10 years (2001-2011) and  began when he was 25 and ended when he was 35.   I don't know why he didn't break into movies post-Smallville, other than that it was a very demanding ten year run.  I'm sure he needed a break.  He was perfectly poised for Marvel in 2011.  Maybe he didn't want any  more super hero roles.  Whatever the reasons, he is back working on tv these days after a post-Smallville break.  And he's still HOT.   And yes, he's the best Clark Kent.  Sorry Snyder/Cavill freaks.  By far.  You can't touch that. 

Michael Scofield, Prison Break:  Okay, traveling through time, we arrive in the year 2005, which is when Prison Break premiered.  My God, the show is so absurd.  I can't even wrap my mind around the people who play it all the time and know all the words.  In fact, when I watched it, I basically fast forwarded whenever possible.  Past every scene that Michael Scofield wasn't in.   Well, and I really like Sara too.  Honestly, if I was bi, Sarah Wayne Callies would be top of my fantasy fuck draft list.  I love her.  I love what she has to say, for one example her thoughts on fanboy reaction to her Walking Dead character.  That's a whole other article.  And I'll get to it, but I am so down with Sarah Wayne Callies.  I root for her.  Anyway, Michael Scofield.   Portrayed by one of the most beautiful people alive, Wentworth Miller, gives him a leg up right there.  And the voice.  This is a man who could talk you to orgasm, he doesn't need to touch you.  Add in that Michael Scofield's defining trait is he's smarter than everyone, and well, it's hard to get through two consecutive episodes without needing some recovery time. 




 Wentworth Miller | Wentworth miller, Wentworth miller prison break ...



Wentworth Miller.  Definitely on the fantasy draft list.  Permanent spot.  Do we need to get into his Captain Cold?  Because I can!  I am an Arrowverse stan, and I can go on, at length, about Captain Cold.  Would I do Captain Cold?  Oh, I so would.  Right in one of the cargo bays.  And Miller's interviews?   Smart is so HOT.  Rarely has it been this beautiful.  I stand mesmerized. 

Don Draper, Mad Men: 

I really struggled with this one.  During its run, everyone who knew me knew to never phone me during Mad Men.  I wasn't one to dvr this show.  I had to watch it, live.  I was addicted.   I know I have to do a big rewatch one of these years.  It left me breathless the first time.  Its painful nostalgia so spectacularly epitomized in its 13th episode, The Wheel.  When Don stared out his office window, I could really believe I was looking back in time.  And that a few blocks downtown, my father was just starting out in the mailroom of a large wall street firm, where he would eventually become a VP.

Mad Men was so realistic in its portrayal of another time, that I would imagine I could run out of Don's office, downtown, find my dad, and tell him, dad, whatever you do, do not ignore those headaches you'll get in 2000.  

Mad Men just ripped me, in so many different ways. 

The characters, especially Don, who believes that in America, you just have to pick someone to be, and something to do, and then be it and do it.  Fake it till you make it.

And having spent years in advertising as a copywriter myself, well, the show just sang to me.  Of course, I loved Peggy.  Oh, clever, indefatigable, Peggy Olsen. 

Eric Northman: In 2008, True Blood premiered on HBO.  I really didn't find any of the men on it hot, though Jason Stackhouse is HILARIOUS.  I don't know what in hell they were doing with Alexander Skarsgard those first episodes, but I had never seen him before and was just like, meh.  (I had missed Generation Kill).   But then something happened, they took his hair out of his beautiful face or something, and well, the rest is history.



By time Season 3 came around and hot as shit Joe Manganiello joined the cast, who even noticed?   Skarsgard made Eric Sex.  Eric is Sex.  How did the writers believe anyone would buy Sooki wanting Bill Compton when Eric Fucking Northman was lusting on her while looking like Alexander Skarsgard?  Come on!

I just noticed I have a lot of vampires on this list, which may cause you to think I have a bite kink, but nope.  The powers that be just happen to cast really hot men in vampire roles.  Actually, I don't even find Boreanaz or James Marsters hot.  They just happened to imbue those specific characters (Angel and Spike) with all the sex.  The characters were doing a lot of work.

Same thing with Skarsgard and Northman, EXCEPT....yeah Skarsgard is Sex doing anything and we all so would, and it's a crying shame most of us will never get to.  

Raylan Givens, Justified:  And now we arrive in 2010, the year Justified premiered.  Timothy Olyphant's performance in the titular role was breathtakingly sexy.  I've never really gotten over Raylan Givens.  I didn't watch Santa Clara Diet, because my understanding is it involves cannibals and I don't do cannibals.  Deadwood is still on my "will eventually binge" list.  I had been eagerly awaiting season 4 of Fargo, which Olyphant has a major role in, but then boom, pandemic.   So that'll be a while.  All I have is Raylan Givens to go by.   It's enough.

The famous shooting scene from episode 1, Fire in the Hole


Certainly Raylan Givens did a lot sexier things than this scene.  But this was mesmerizing and I was hooked.  Right from episode one.  Olyphant was sex on a stick in this role. Come on up any time, Raylan.

John Luthur, Luthur:  Well, 2010 was a great year for sex on a stick.  I don't need to say anything more than "Idris Elba".  We all know.  John Luther is beautiful, and really smart, and kinda sensitive.  And omg the British accent!  The man is perfection.  Bonus points on Luther for Ruth Wilson, who was treated so shitty on The Affair, of which she was the best part.  I never even bothered watching the final season. 



Khal Drogo, Game of Thrones:  2010 was a very good year, and it almost seems like 2011 was feeling the pressure, you know?   Like, oh great, how do I follow that 2010 bitch?  So it said, fuck this shit, I'm gonna have to go big and, BOOM!  drops Jason Momoa on us.  I honestly don't know how smart Momoa is.  I have a feel for a couple of these guys on that, Miller, and then later when we get to Defending Jacob just so I can talk about Evans, but the rest, really not.  I've no idea.  I can't help getting excited by brains.  They're so rare.  

Anyway, I don't know about Momoa.  But I've seen enough to get a fun and harmless vibe from him.  And I like his environmental work, so cool that he ties it into Aquaman!   Also, there's this:

Jason Momoa always asked for more fight scenes on Game Of Thrones ...


and this

Jason Momoa is headed to the future in upcoming Apple series See


and this

my new plaid pants: Jason Momoa Wants You... To See


I could go on.  We can be here all night if you want.  But I think the point is made.  Jason Momoa is the second actor who transcends his character and is drafted to the fantasy fuck list, no Khal required.  Me and everyone else, right?  I know!  That's why this is a fantasy fuck draft, people. 


Andy Barber, Defending Jacob:  Okay, we reach the last pick on my fantasy fuck draft list, Chris Evans.  I'm in the middle of Defending Jacob right now, and if you don't have Apple+ because The Morning Show wasn't your thing (it's my thing), it's worth getting for this show.  And for upcoming shows, because Defending Jacob even more so than The Morning Show is putting Apple+ on the map.  You couple that with what is likely to be long-term reluctance to go to crowded movie theaters and I am keeping my eye on Apple+.  I think it's going to break out by next year.  

Anyway, watch the show.  Chris Evans is really great in it, and Michelle Dockery shines, and I don't know if Jacob did it or not yet, but damn, that is one creepy kid. And yes, Andy Barber is HOT.  I mean, Chris Evans is playing him, what did you think he was gonna be?

Chris Evans is someone I barely noticed at all for years.  And I am a HUGE Marvel fangirl.  I saw all of the films, in the theaters, and loved every one of them.  But Steve Rogers is a blonde.  And I'm really not into blondes, for whatever reason.  Which probably explains why it took me almost a Season to realize how ridiculously beautiful AND sexy Skarsgard is while watching the aforementioned True Blood.  Anyway, Evans was just so blonde and blue-eyed, and non-broody, and not my type.  And then, something happened.  My friends, Steve Rogers darkened  up:


I probably left out your fav, and you're all like, HOW can you leave off this guy, and well, we all have our things.  Definitely compile your own fantasy draft.  This is mine.  And I wouldn't change a thing. 

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