The Dildock Massacre


Trump and Barr's bungled Friday night massacre, is why i named this blog the Dildock Dystopia.  It's idiots and Know-Nothings who put this buffoon in office.  Now, buffoons like that are what my grandma used to call "Dildocks", which she got from an old 1930's comic strip called "The Dopey Dildock."   Now, what better name could you come up with for this administration than "the dopey dildocks"?


And now we have what I like to call the Dildock Massacre.  Just watch:

So first, Dildock 1 comes out and announces that Geoffrey Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has resigned


Dildock doesn't first run it by Berman, and gain his agreement, he just announces that shit, figuring, fuck him, what's he gonna do about it?

So about five minutes passes till Dildock discovers the answer to that question, when Berman comes out and denies he resigned


Berman says he's not leaving until his replacement is confirmed by Congress, and until then, he's going to continue his investigations, bitch.

So what does Dildock 1 do then?


Barr puts it in writing that Trump, Dildock 2, told him that Berman is fired, so he's therefore fired and should vacate post hasty.

You can tell Barr really think he's got it now.  He's nailed this thing, and on only the 2nd try! because a U.S. Attorney can be fired by the President, technically, though in our Trumpy's case, this is actually obstruction of justice.


Anyway, so what does Dildock 2 do?  Dildock 2 comes out and kneecaps Dildock 1 right on camera!


It wasn't me!  I don't know nothing about this, you'll have to ask Michael Cohen, uh, I mean William Barr.  Barr's in charge of all that, Cohen is in charge of paying off the porn stars, but I don't know nothing about any of it!

 Now, of course, if Trump knows nothing about this, then Barr lied for a second time in 24 hours.  His first lie is when he tried to bluff Berman out of office by releasing a statement that Berman has resigned.  The 2nd lie would be when he claimed Berman has now been fired by the only person who can fire him; the President.  But the President has now denied that on camera, so how can Berman be fired?

These dumb motherfuckers can't even do a Saturday night massacre right.  They are now going to have to put the hit on Berman for a third time!

They've bungled this so badly Mitch McConnell must have been torn out of his pool boy's asshole, put down the eight ball, and is on the phone right now screaming "you dumb motherfuckers!"

Now, a lot of people want to know what Trumpy is trying so desperately to hide, and many have come up with the rotting skull himself as an answer:


And sure it could be Rudy.  It could be Jeffrey Epstein's accomplices, which may include Trump and Barr themselves for all we know.  But I can't shake the knowledge that the SDNY is also investigating Deutsche Bank, Trumpy's personal bankers, for laundering money for the Russians.

Which would involve Trumpy personally.  Never forget what the prophet Miss Nancy says:

"All roads lead to Russia."

Yeah, I got a sneaking suspicions ole Dildock 2 is looking out for the same guy he's always looking out for; number one. 

Of course Trump and his entire trash ass family do so many crimes, and so does Rudy, that it could be a lot of things.  And it could definitely be more than one thing.  But it smells like one thing in particular was coming to a head...

And so America burns...


Berman has agreed to step down, and Barr claims he's replacing him with Berman's own deputy, Audrey Strauss.  Here's David Frum's learned response:


That's right.  Because Barr and Trump went through all this in order to make certain that Berman's work is protected

America, we got a Dildock problem.

Strauss will either do what Trump, through Barr, orders her to do, or she will be gone by the end of this week.  Because, and I can't believe I have to say this, NO David, Barr and Trump didn't go through all of this in order to make sure Berman's work continues and is protected.



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