The Democratic and Republican Conventions Tell The Story; They Always Have

What you are seeing during this year's Democratic National Convention, is what you see every four years.  Love, joy, and lots of inspirational people and moving stories.

The contrast between what we are seeing this week, which I find uplifting and beautiful, and at times very emotional (Ady Barkan, Kristin Urquiza), and what we will see next week, will be so stark.  Next week we will see rage and hate.  Of course, the hater in chief will be the ringleader, yes.  But he's not new.   Folks, don't let them tell you differently. 

I first became politically aware during the Anita Hill hearings.  The hearings happened while I was employed in my first real job, at a large aerospace company.  There were so many older men in management positions, in fact, they were ALL men.  Mostly old men, or men that were old to me at the time.  I was barely 20.  It was a wall of older and old white men.  Period.  That's what management was, from middle management to the very top.  

It was always a touch and go experience just to walk down the hallway.  If I had to walk down through the hallway where the executive offices were, it was worse.  But I will never forget the morning one of the VP's stared me up and down as we were about to pass each other in the hall.  And then he said "Wow, you look great today!"  I said thank you, since this was something that happened every day from one or other of them.

And then he turned just as I passed him, put his hands up in a "don't shoot" manner, and "joked"  "oh, is that sexual harassment?"

I don't even remember my response, I was so mad. I probably just kept walking.  I do remember how I felt.  I was fuming.  I  knew he was mocking what Anita Hill was going through, and therefore, he was mocking us all. 

Trust me, that was a big awakening for me.  The following year, 1992, became known as "the year of the woman" and it was the year this woman became politically active.  I went door to door for the Democrats that year. 

I remember feeling such happiness and connection during the 92 Democratic convention.  And I will never forget the Republican convention that year.  Pat Buchanon’s screeching Nativist and racist speech at the R convention that year. “WE’LL TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY STREET BY STREET”.

I was young, but so alarmed. I knew scary shit when I heard it.  I will say this, I was there.  Whatever people tell you, Gen X roundly rejected that shit.  At least the ones I knew did.  I remember large groups of my friends, because that's how we hung out then, you know?  We all expressed amazement and disgust at the shit coming out of that convention.  Now, sure we have plenty of White Gen Xers who are assholes, and even Trumpsters, but at large, there's a reason they raised Gen Z.  The generation that will far outpace the Millenials in their liberalism, anti-racism,  and activism.  They are already doing it.  I call them the Sandy Hook Generation, and we saw them take the field right after the Parkland shooting.  

The members of Gen Z we sent to schools in war zones, who survived it, were finally old enough to fight back.  This wasn't Sandy Hook; they could speak for themselves now.  And they will change everything, watch them.   You might not like it all, I am sure I won't, but I embrace them anyway, because I believe they may very well know better than me.  I make way. 

Anyway, every Republican convention I have ever seen in my life, has been filled with hateful faces.  I mean, I clearly remember during the W years, being flabbergasted that anyone could prefer that, to what we saw at the Democratic conventions. 

And remember they wore purple bandaids in 04 to mock John Kerry’s service in Vietnam?   They had renominated the chickenhawk, W, and they attacked Kerry with W's weakness.  Straight outta the Karl Rove playbook.  Oh and they enjoyed it.  Patriotism meant nothing to them. The only war heroes were Republlicans, and oh, they better also carry the water!  Look what they did to John McCain in the end.  He stepped out of line and all of a sudden the man who refused to leave a POW hellhole because he wasn't the first one in, so he couldn't be the first one out, wasn't a hero anymore. 

And the 08 and 12 conventions, all you had to do was turn on the tv and watch the faces in the crowd.  They weren't happy.  They weren't hopeful.  They weren't emotionally moved by something touching they had just heard from a speaker.

They were fucking enraged. 

So when they say it’s Trump, it ain’t Trump. Trump is what years of their bad stomachache caused by their  hate and racism eventually squirted out. But this is who they are, this is who a SIGNIFICANT number of Americans are.   We can't change them, they cannot be reasoned with, we can only outvote them.  And then pray Trump doesn't manage to steal it anyway, because they don't care.  They don't care if someone proves to them that Putin himself hacked the machines and changed the votes.  They would love that.  

They are not Patriots.  They do not love America.  They do not honor America.  They only hate.  Liberals.  Minorities. Women.  LGBTQ.  Immigrants.

So of course they squirted this monster into the White House.  Who better to represent them? 

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  • Miss Ann Throwpick

    “So when they say it’s Trump, it ain’t Trump.”
    Bingo!!! Bottom line. Truth.

    Also, for more about dildocks, see:


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