The Continuing Mass Denial About Trump's January 6th Insurrection Against The United States of America

Yeah, the title's a mouthful.   Donald John Trump, whose Nazi father floated over here like the turd he was, taking advantage of American open borders when Germany certainly wasn't sending us their best people, is an enemy of the United States of America whose duly elected democratic government he attempted to violently overthrow. 

He, nor any of his filthy Nazi progeny, can ever be near the seat of American power again.  And yet our entire system is in denial and the traitorous Republican party, now owned lock, stock, and tiny cocks by Vladmir Putin, continue their coverup. 

Even of the media present at the insurrection, their own lives endangered, some have learned, some haven't.  Here's one who seems to have some regrets:

"He says looking back on it, he should have covered events like the early days of the Tea Party movement differently. At one early Tea Party rally he heard a protestor use the N word, but he decided against writing about it because he didn’t think it represented the broader crowd."

That quote is from John Bresnahan, a long time Capital Hill reporter.  The whole article is here and it's worth reading in full. 

So I want to go back to that.  The Tea Party.  The Tea Party was a bunch of bullshit that our media pretended to fall for.  I don't believe they believed what they were reporting.  But it made for a good story.  They needed that sympathetic protagonist and who better than "real Americans" living outside the "liberal bubble" ?

The salt of the fucking earth.  The farmers who feed us and being the shitfaced liberals we are, we turn around and spit on them, look down on them.  While they're just trying to raise their families, you know, down on Main Street.  Where they go to get their breakfast at the diner.  Just squeaking by.  Confused.  What happened to the world they used to know?

You know, the world where they could hang black people.

Grab some pussy without some liberal do-gooder making a big deal.

Before they were the Tea Party they hung in groups like the Gathering of Eagles and assorted other gangs.   During the W Presidency they stalked peace groups and beat up people.  One of them pushed me into oncoming traffic on Jericho Turnpike in Huntington.  Another, stood in front of me, positioned so his American flag hit me in the face over and over.  Still another, stalked me around a peace demonstration, demanding to know what color underwear I was wearing.

He called them panties.  Of course. 

"what color panties are you wearing"?

I was in Washington DC when they beat up Carlos Arredondo, a gold star father, for being against the war based on lies that killed his son.  

I was there when they stalked around D.C. ahead of a big march searching for Code Pink, a group they really hated.  Well, it was made up of bitches.  And bitches do need to be Trumped. 

I saw a couple of very well-built Libertarians, when Libertarians were still against wars, warn a group of Code Pink women the gangs were out there looking for them.  Of course, they never, ever, fucked with the Libertarian anti-war protesters.  Because that was and always will be a sausage fest, no bitches to slap around, and these dudes in the GOE and their ilk don't like a fair fight.  

Then we elected Obama, and they really doubled down on the crazy.  And some rich dude on CNBC drank some "i don't want to pay more taxes" and followed it by "I hate that (racial epitaph here)" got a bad case of diarrhea and shit out the tea party.

Which was just the aforementioned assortment of white gangs with a new name.

They were never farmers.

They were always stone-cold racists and white supremacists and anti-Semites.

They always hated women who weren't fucking them or cooking for them.

They always wanted to "Trump that Bitch".  It didn't really matter which bitch.

They were the descendants directly, or ideologically of the white monsters who lynched black people in the Jim Crow South not long before the turn of THIS century, and then stood around taking pictures of each other standing underneath the dead body.

So the fact that they would sell out their country to a deranged life-long conman in service to a rising global authoritarian white nationalist movement, led by Vladmir Putin, really should never have been a surprise.

But our media got on tv day after day and told you these were just confused people, unsure of their place in this new world.   And not just Fox!  Oh no.  Oh the left had plenty of little sniveling assholes out there selling the same shit, my friends.  Chris Hayes on MSNBC comes to mind.

As does Bernie Sanders.

Left unsaid was that the world was "new" because the bitches and the black and brown people got themselves a little power.  Just a little.  But it left white men, and, and this is very important, the white women who knowingly serve them to protect their own place in the racial hierarchy, really pissed. 

And lo we reached the point of insurrection.  Donald Trump commanding his troops that very day to go attack Congress.  We all watched him do it.  We all watched him say it.  HE TOLD THEM HE WAS GOING WITH THEM.  

Here's well-known shitbag Rudy Giuliani prepping the crowd for "trial by combat" on January 6th:


Here's the conman himself ordering his troops to fight like hell, among assorted other batshittery, on January 6th:

We all saw it.  And then the entire GOP infrastructure told us not to believe our own eyes.  Not to believe our own ears.

And the media allowed this.  And so it became normalized.

And so it will happen again.  Very soon.

All because we can't process what is happening right in front of our eyes.  Because we pretended (well not me) that the so-called tea party were ever anything other than racist gang members.

Because we can't learn from our own history that happened last decade.  Or last year.  Or this year.  Or last week. 

We are the United States of Amnesia.  Where are we?  Who are we?  How did we get here?

Well, it's really obvious how we got here, but we play dumb.  And the GOP peddles their big lies, and the media gives us "both sides" and so it goes. 

And one day soon, our Democracy will likely fall.

And when that day comes, to name a traitor a traitor will be a crime.  


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