The Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally Is Happening; Snag a Husband Gals!


Welp, the annual Sturgis Motorcycle rally is happening, and I could not be happier!

I was really scared for a while that the libtards were going to succeed in getting this thing cancelled.  And that woulda been a tragedy because ladies, there is no place like Sturgis to catch yourself  a husband!






Of course, the competition is steep.




But it's not really a problem for me because I have a smaller bikini and I wear it on my motorcycle while blowing a banana.  The men go crazy!  Honestly, they won't even notice her after I pull up.

The great thing about the fellas at this rally is their smarts.  These guys are practically wizards honestly.  

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You see how none of em are wearing masks?  Because they don't fall for that Fauci shit.  Man that dude is so full of shit, and now that he got Brad Pitt to play him he thinks it don't stink!  

That picture there really encaptures the kind of men you'll find at Sturgis.  Real men.  And if I could only turn this into a scratch and sniff post, you would be smelling something wonderful right now.   Eau de Ass.   One of my girlfriends said, Eau de Ass!  That sounds kind of like odious.  And I was like what!?  

She finished high school so she uses a lot of big words like that, but anyway, I got off track.   She's not my girlfriend like that, if any of you available men are reading this.  You know what I mean, my gal pal. 

Girls if you want to get your own sniff of that, and take your crack at this:



My girlfriend said she hopes he's not demonstrating the size of his genitalia, and I said girl what?!  Turns out she meant his weenie.  But I don't think that would be so bad, that don't look that small does it?   I don't have my glasses on so I can't really tell.  

Anyway, it doesn't matter, some say that short dick men buy more drinks on account of bedroom insecurity.  That's when that small dick energy really starts working in your favor girl, so git it. 

See ya in Sturgis! Find me!  I'll be center town, with a banana in my mouth!

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