Ted Cruz Flees Texas Leaving Constituents To Freeze


So I don't know if you know the tale of good ole boy, Ted Cruz.   Teddy is such a champion of the people, he is always tweeting in their defense like this:



Ted is just a down home boy, and he don't go puttin on no airs.  And his wife?  Also salt of the earth and not at all a managing director at Goldman Sachs.

So what did Cesar Chavez and his wife do while Texans are literally freezing to death?



They flew to Cancun of course!  Lying around sunning himself while Texans burn their furniture in desperate attempts to keep their children alive.

What is Beto doing?

Did Ted think no one was going to notice this?  They say this guy is actually smart and only plays dumb to appeal to the Republican base, but I am going to need to see some evidence.  I am going to need RECEIPTS peeps.  

This is one of the stupidest political moves I've ever seen.

But make no mistake, ole working class hero Ted will be back to tweeting about Democrats being the "party for elites" and Republicans being the "working class party" by tomorrow.

I can only assume he is going to have to run his stinkass, and trust me, I know a stinkass when I see one, back to the airport and fly back to Texas post hasty.  I would love to see the expressions on his and his stupid wife's faces when they realize they been caught.

By the internet.  And cell phone cameras.

I guess this working class family is gonna be shocked that the plebes actually know how to use their cell phone cameras.  Hey, who taught the monkeys how to type, no fair! 

The question is will white Texans learn?  


Are you finally gonna learn?  

Your children are freezing, you have no food, and your fucking Senator is lying around sunning his greasy ass at a high-end resort.


Get back to me on this.  You know, if you survive the week.  

Meanwhile, news outlets are reporting that Cruz's office has yet to comment.  There's a media blackout.   I will speculate they're in full PR crisis mode.

Cruz's only option is to fly back today, alone, and claim he didn't have the heart to disappoint his kids so he flew down there with them to protect them from AOC's marauding gang of Green New Deal thugs who stalk airports on the lookout for Republican children.  

"I was planning on returning today all along!"

But he will fuck this up.  Watch him.  The only thing that we can count on is that one way or the other, this will end up being AOC's fault. 


UPDATE:  Called it!


Stinkass is on his way back to Houston!  

This will all roll out exactly as I said.  I do have a PR background, but I don't have any respect for political flacks, and even less for Ted Cruz, so I still expect them to fuck up this recovery attempt.  Watch em. 



Didn't take long for dirtbag Cancun Cruz to throw his daughters underneath the bus.  By tomorrow he'll be hiding underneath Heidi's expensive skirts. 

And, yep white Texan voters, Ted Cruz thinks you're that stupid. 

Is he right? 

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  • Jacie

    LOL @ stinkass. I hope Beto runs again. This is obscene!

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