Syphilitic Cyclops Has Thoughts On Women's Reproductive Rights

I've never been an NPR girl.  I can't even offer an opinion on it because I have never listened to it.  I'm a New Yorker kind of girl and I never could get into any middle-America vibe.  That's not a slam on middle-America, it's just that their vibe is not my vibe. 

But some dude named Garrison Keillor whom apparently a lot of people know of, had words to spew about abortion rights. 

“It seems clear that Judge Barrett will sit on the Supreme Court and this will mean the reversal of Roe v. Wade and some deep dents in the Affordable Care Act,” he began. “I don’t think Roe v. Wade is worth fighting for anymore.”

Keillor thinks guaranteeing the right to a safe abortion has “torn the country asunder,” and wondered,“to what good?”

Yes, to what good indeed?  I mean, sure reproductive rights may have helped some bitches, but all the resulting hullabaloo got in the way of getting stuff done that would help real people.  You know, men. 

White men.  The kind who hang out in diners where you can't swing a cat without hitting a New York Times' Reporter who's there hanging on their every word.

The Hillbilly Elegy indeed. 


Look at all that fuckery.  I can see a guy like Keillor not caring about abortion rights.   You see dudes like this at every anti-choice protest trying to block access to clinics.  The kind of men who if they ever knock some woman up, it happens on a night she was not making her best decisions, you know?  And she's likely to make a little trip to the old doctor.

So of course guys like this are down at their local Planned Parenthood, purple-faced with rage, desperately trying to keep their place in the gene pool.  Nobody's really clamoring to give birth to a syphilitic cyclops, so the struggle rages on. 

But even all that fuckery aside, I've found that Democratic men, and certainly, Berner left wing men, are always willing to do a little horse trading when it comes to their pet issues. 

And what are they willing to trade away?  Why, women of course.  This all recalls for me the 2006 Pennsylvania Senatorial race. 

George W Bush had grown hugely unpopular by 2006 (yeah, it took that long folks), and the 2006 Midterms were a Democratic sweep.

Internet joke Rick Santorum was attempting to defend his PA Senate seat, but it wasn't going to happen.  Everyone knew that.  Any decent Democrat would have won this seat, but who did Chuck Schumer want?  

Bob Casey Jr.  Who is anti-choice.

It wasn't needed.  This wasn't a case of we need a conservative Democrat to run because that's the only way we'll win the seat.  I'm not against that.  I understand real politics.   The way I look at it, if we have to nominate some no-account woman hater, it's a vote for a Democratic majority and that's more important.  But I would only acquiesce in extreme cases.

The 2006 Pennsylvania Senate race was the exact opposite of that kind of extreme case.

But Chucky Schumer grinned and put the bitches on the table anyway. 

Almost like they enjoy doing it, you know? 

Anyway, that's where I learned a lesson. I'm thrilled that in the intervening 14 years, we have moved left as a party on this, I don't think ole Chucky's double dealing would fly today, and more importantly that we have more women in elected office.  You know Liz Warren and Amy Klobuchar won't be dealing away our rights.   Nor would Kamala and she's gonna be Veep.  (God willing and the creek don't rise).

But let this put you on alert, women.  Especially you NPR-loving ladies, and in another group all together, you Berners. 

The men will deal away your rights.  

You have to watch them, and the minute they make a smelly  move, you have to squeeze them till they squeak.  And then, you squeeze them just a little bit more.  For fun.

Now, let's take a look at Keillor's other fuckery.  LGBTQ civil rights.

Oh, let's just let S Dakota CRIMINALIZE being gay, then they can deal with the consequences.

Right, the neanderthals passing that law will be the ones dealing with the worst consequences.  Not the gay married couples whose marriages will be made non-existent, not the gay people who can't get jobs and who it's now legal to fire for being gay.   Not the LGBTQ human beings who are trapped in these Taliban states and do not have the means to get out. 

It'll be the lawmakers. 


If I need to hear from you, I'll call.  



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