Speaking of Assholes: On Matthew McConaughey and Texas Politics

The idea of Matthew McConaughey running for Governor of Texas, and possibly winning, while Beto O'Rourke exists, gives me hives.  I first began loathing this self-important asshat during his smell-my-farts car commercial phase:



There's a dude high on his own supply.  Imagine being on a date with this guy.  And no, I'm sorry, I don't think he's hot or sexy.  Nobody with their head that far up their own ass can be.   He comes across as the kind of man whose sexual encounters are always alone no matter how many other people are in the bed.  He's making love to himself. 

"Darling, when I look into your eyes I see myself, and I look dead-sexy."

Worse than that though, what we got ourselves here is a faux-intellectual.   

McConaughey has long played the coy debutant with his political views.  If he even has any.  It's highly possible he never takes a stand or says anything about anything because his political views boil down to:

"Darling, when I look into your mind I see myself, and I look like a philosopher."

No, you look like an asshat Matt.  

In his memoir, called "Asshat Thoughts"....no it's called something else but I don't give a fuck and if you do you should go on over to Amazon and bitch about it there.  Anyway, in this memoir he wrote that he comes:

“from a long line of rule breakers,” describing them as “outlaw libertarians who vote red down the line because they believe it’ll keep fewer outlaws from trespassin on their territory."

STFU asshat. 

Anyway, there's our first Libertarian flag. 

The Texas Tribune reports:

"State voting records show he hasn't voted in a Texas primary election since at least 2012, which could give some inkling as to which party he supports. He has not made any campaign contributions. And he has declined to say whether he would run as a Democrat, a Republican or something else."

Hmmm, so how long has he been strategizing this political rise?  I've also been unable to find any record of him voting in the 2016 election.  But he had the usual McConaughey meaningless blather about it:

"he criticized the "illiberal left" for taking an arrogant view toward the "other 50%." He suggested that view led some in Hollywood — a strongly Democratic constituency — to deny Donald Trump's win in 2016, and now some Republicans were denying Trump's reelection loss because "they've been fed fake news."

Both sides are the same, both sides are stupid, I'm too smart to get caught up in that whole party thing.  I'm smarter than you.  I'm smarter than everybody.  

There's our second Libertarian flag.  Believe me, I know these guys.  They all sing the same tune and it's called "why I'm so much smarter than you".  I've learned that whenever a guy (and it's always a guy) tells you he's a Libertarian it's best to counter with "cool, I'm a Jehovah Witness, I'd love to tell you all about it." 

This gets rid of them and almost nothing else will. 

Now let's take a look at the Philosopher's comment on the "illiberal left" .  Cause that's a 10 dollar word right?  So he must be a real fucking philosopher to be able to casually drop that into one of his philosopher talks.  

Illiberal:  opposed to liberal principles; restricting freedom of thought or behavior.

Well, the last time I looked, Mr. Philospher, the right to vote was a liberal fucking principal and a bedrock of a functioning democracy.   And the reason some on the left "denied" Trump's win is because of massive GOP voter suppression, not that this should bother you, you're a white guy and nobody is ever gonna stop your mediocre ass from voting. 

Oh, and the second reason some on the left "denied" that Trump won 2016, is because the Trump campaign actually did collude with Russia as was finally determinatively found last week as shown   here.  

But everyone's moved on. After calling the left hysterical and obsessed for years, it's proven that Trump DID collude with Russia to determine the outcome of the election, but so much time has passed that it's now "old news".

This is right out of the George W Bush playbook.  Those fuckers pulled this same shit all the time.  Not about actual treason mind you, but lies about wars, yeah sure.  All the time.   Lie about something for years, then when it's conclusively proved to be true, claim it's "old news" that "everybody already knows about."

But Matty doesn't give two shits about this.  He's too busy playing the Only. Sane. Man. In. The. House.  

He's above it all.  Well he can afford to be, can't he?  No cop is going to shoot Matthew McConaughey over 20 bucks.  Nobody is gonna grab Matthew McConaughey's pussy.  Nobody is gonna take Matthew McConaughey's one year old away from him, put the baby in a cage, and make the baby "defend" itself in court.  

Matthew McConaughey isn't going to suffer PTSD watching Christine Blasey Ford testify about the time Trump's boy Brett almost killed her while attempting to rape her. 

Matthew McConaughey is too busy smoking weed and discussing the smell of his own farts to give a shit about any of that. 

McConaughey is an empty vessel and he likes it that way.  There is no record of any campaign contribution he has ever made.  We don't know who he voted for in 2016, or indeed, whether he voted at all. 

He doesn't even know if HE is a Republican, or a Democrat:

"Some interviewers have specifically asked McConaughey if he would run as a Democrat or a Republican — or something else — and he has not played ball. Questioned Thursday about his partisan affiliation if he runs for governor, he told the Austin American-Statesman he has not "gotten that far yet."

So, you're thinking of running for GOVERNOR and you haven't gotten far enough to know whether you are a Republican, a Democrat, or "something else"?

Check the "something else" box Matty, and next to it write in "asshat". 

But wait, it gets even better.  Here is what the great Philosopher, Matty M answered the next time he was asked that question:

"I think, going in, to think Democrat or Republican or one of the other, is small thinking now and even becoming unconstitutional because you’re supposed to serve the American people or the people of your state," McConaughey said.

Oh, the genius must have strategized this, or as fellow Texan, W would say "strategerized".

"You can't keep saying you don't know whether you're a Republican or a Democrat Matt," his high paid advisors must have told him.  "People aren't going to trust you , and Democrats will think you're a Republican who doesn't want to admit that, and Republicans will think you're a Democrat who doesn't want to admit that."

"I know!  I'll say it's UNCONSTITUTIONAL to be a Democrat or a Republican while running for public office!"

People, it's not fucking Unconstitutional to be a Democrat or a Republican no matter what office you're running for, and how can anyone claim that it is?  Is this guy even conscious?  Is he alive?  

If Texas votes in this phony intellectual, this smug asshat, this nothing, this nobody, this pretty boy actor who has never done a damned thing for anybody, you will deserve what you get.  Which will be years of press releases filled with farts like the above masquerading as philosophy. 

I don't know if Beto wants to be Governor, I think he still has his eye on the Senate.  BUT, if he does, I believe he can beat this ridiculous moron in the primary, and Abbott is vulnerable in the general.  

I guess we'll see what happens as Jeffrey Epstein's life-long pal, Donald Trump likes to say. 

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    Mattie Mc-ConYou Hey! is an empty shell of a man who has been led to believe he is a living god.
    Like R. Reagan and Trump before him, he is empowered by the adoration of idiots who think celebrity equates to intellect.
    Stupid American voters..dumbest on the planet.

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