Listen, I wish I could say it was the series finale, but we all know it's not.  If Trump drops dead tomorrow it still wouldn't be.  Trumpism is here to stay my friends.  And you know why?  Because it's always been with us.  

I could track it from the 90's, during the Clinton administration without even consulting a book, newspaper archive, or wiki.  Cause I lived it.  But I know it goes back much farther than that.  To our birth as a nation.   

But let's stick to reviewing the season finale for now, okay?  I would have given Insurrection more stars if the extras hadn't stuck a police officer in a door and tried to squeeze him to death while he screamed in agony on camera.  Too much gore for my tastes.  

I don't want to put the video here, but you can view it here.   

Anyway, they be cop killers now.  MAGA are cop killers.  Ted Cruz?  Cop killer.  Josh Hawley?  Cop killer.   Donald John Trump?  Cop killer. 

You think that's unfair?  Try and speak before a crowd of people riling them up and then watch as they go nuts and kill a cop, see what happens.  

You'll be convicted for conspiracy to kill a cop so fast you won't have time to think about the needle they're gonna stick in your arm once you exhaust all appeals.

So let me repeat:

Maga?  Cop killers.  Ted Cruz? Cop killer. Josh Hawey? Cop killer. Donald John Trump? Cop killer. 

But this scene was only a small part of the season finale.  INSURRECTION! also brought us this:


Well, well, well, whatcha planning on doing with them there zip tie handcuffs boy?  

Look, these motherfuckers came to spill blood.  Yes they wanted to hang Mike Pence, sitting Vice President, from a tree on the capital lawn.  And that's something I never want to see in America, but it's also something Mike Pence helped build, so my main concern is; what were they gonna do to Nancy Pelosi if they got their dirty pig hands on her?

And that's where my heart stops.  

Will they try again?

Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz, cop killers, need to be expelled or resign.  They are fomenters of conspiracy and  violent thugs willing to have their own colleagues murdered for their personal political gain.  They are also seditious traitors. 


And they should be arrested.  Why are they even walking around free?  You and me?  We wouldn't  be. 

Second, look, all of the usual suspects on the right are crying on Twitter that Joe Biden is not being nice to them and allowing the nation to heal by kissing their dirty stinky asses.


There can be no healing without accountability.  

INSURRECTION must be answered with accountability and prison time.  

Then we heal.

No quarter to domestic terrorists, cop killers, and insurrectionists.

No quarter. 

As to Donald John Trump, who incited insurrection against the country a bunch of racist thugs elected him to lead, I cannot comment.

I would be visited by the secret service you see.

But no Trump must be permitted near any seat of power again. 


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