Rush Limbaugh Is Dead And I Feel Fine

Rush Limbaugh finally died today, from lung cancer.  Honestly, it took long enough.  I have a personal experience with this fool, but trust that it never colored my opinion of him.  I recognized him as a monster right around the time of the Oklahoma City bombing of the  Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building.  He never gave me cause to change my mind.

Oh, the 90's.  You shoulda been there kids.  Much like Jennifer Aniston, it was the best decade of my life.  People always make fun of her saying she wishes it was still the 90's.  Yeah, who doesn't?

Unfortunately, along with the riot grrrl movement, my best body decade, and Melrose Place nights, we got the rise of the vicious right wing machine, led in many ways, by Limbaugh.  

He was a nasty racist from day one, and he hated women.  I remember once mentioning that to my right wing aunt, and she responded that she didn't think he hated women, but she did think that he might be sexually insecure. 

I don't even know what the fuck that  means, but she said it in a way that made me think she'd love to help him out with it.  There's not enough ick in the world, right? 

We also had G Gordon Liddy, who once advised his listeners to shoot federal agents and "aim for the head" because they wear body armor.  They spent all day long spinning insane conspiracies about the Clintons.  People believed them.

You can trace a direct line from the 90's anti-government crazies raised by Limbaugh and right wing radio, to today's Qanon. It's all the same shit people. 

Limbaugh played a huge role in the glorification of cruelty in this country.  

I remember Limbaugh telling a black listener to "take the bone" out of his nose and call back.  WTF?  But then I saw pictures like that what, 2 decades later?  That had renderings of President Obama like that.  You see, it's all a line.  One thing follows the next.  Crazy grows, it never subsides.  It doubles, and then doubles again, and the next thing you know millions of Americans believe Democrats and famous actors are eating babies.  Literally.  

And then you get Trump.  And then you get an insurrection.  And so on and so on...and so on.

I been living in the world these monsters, most especially Rush Limbaugh, created since then.   And I don't like it here.  

Once, during the aughts, I wrote an article that was widely read on the internet, and Rush Limbaugh got his fat fingers on  it and read it on his show.  I never would have known except my aunt (yep!) called my mother about it.  

So I went online and listened to some of it.  Some lady called in, some old lady from the sound of her voice, to tell him that I sounded as if I "don't wear a bra, if you know what I mean".   I almost peed myself laughing.  

I wonder if she lived long enough to vote for the orange diarrhea Rush eventually shat out onto all of us? 

Anyway, that dumb shit Claire McCaskill tweeted this today:



 You know, we're never gonna get anywhere in this country if we don't start calling evil shits, evil shits.   And I don't know why all of our politicians have to be like this.  Claire, I don't give a fuck that your friends with his brother.  I bet his brother is as big a turd as him, am I right?  Even if not, I DON'T CARE.

This man has blood on his hands, and Claire, you fucking know it.  Drop the act asshat.  You know it.   

Do we have any politicians who don't play this bullshit?  I think Beto, right?  Is there anyone else?  I honestly don't know. 

Listen, I was there from the beginning.  Rush Limbaugh was a fucking monster and the country would have been  much better off had he never been born, no less died at 70.  Too late,  much too late.  

People always warn you not to speak ill of the dead, because, karma.  Or something.  Like I am going to die because I said "he's dead?  good!". 

Guess what?  I am going to die whether I laugh over Rush Limbaugh's death, or cry over it.   You're going to die too!   And that's how it is.  So fuck him. 

The damage he did is still growing.  

I won't miss him.  I don't give a shit about anybody who does.  

The End. 


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