Rudy Giuliani Preparing His Defense; Cover Your Nose

In a shocker of a  development, the man who went on FOX news and read his text messages aloud, and then waived his phone at the camera and shouted "IF I DID IT, it's because the State Department told me to, and it's all right here Laura".

Oh, you don't believe me?  You don't think that even BBQ Bob who lives next door and got his name the summer he turned the gas up high, walked away, forgot about it, returned, lit a match and went BOOM, would be stupid enough to crime and then waive his cell phone on television and scream "It'S ALL RIGHT HERE"? So there's no way an actual attorney would do something so dipshit dumb?

Well, let's go the videotapes shall we?  Lord knows the Justice Department did.




Fast forward to yesterday:  "Federal agents execute search warrants on Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan home and office. The Times reported that investigators seized Giuliani's electronic devices, according to one person with knowledge of the matter."

Oh dear.  Shocking.

This is all about Rudy's dirty dealings in the Ukraine, where he was sent, by TRUMP, to attempt to invent dirt on Hunter Biden.  

Here's Rudy's son, Mr. Potato Head, admitting shock and outrage that no American is above the law:

"Giuliani's son Andrew briefly stepped outside of his father's Manhattan apartment on Wednesday afternoon to denounce the Department of Justice, saying that if this can happen to "the former president's lawyer, this could happen to any American."

Well, that's right, fool.  That is supposed to be the American way.  No one is above the law.  It's never really worked that way, and you are just flabbergasted that it did yesterday.  I bet a lot of powerful white male criminals were sent into shock too.   Even one orange criminal.  Oh the valiums must be flying!

Rudy is busy prepping his defense, which we know will be totally amazing because he's an amazing lawyer.

Here is one of his best courtroom tricks, and I can tell you NO prosecutor wants to go up against this:



Let the fart defense present its case!

The day after we found out the feds have put the squeeze on the shirt-tucking fartmaster, a Matt Gaetz bombshell dropped.  It seems one of  Gaetz's rapist friends, actually wrote a confession whilst attempting to buy a pardon from Roger Stone (also a crime).

Stone directed Joel Greenberg to put it all in writing so he could show it to Trump and get the pardon.

Look, I'm thrilled to see a couple of alleged child sex traffickers, Gaetz and Greenberg, go down.  But again I ask; how are these people so stupid??

Rudy goes on tv waiving around his crime-infested phone shouting "IT'S ALL RIGHT HERE!"  and now this fuckwit says "oh you want me to write down everything me and US Congressperson Matt Gaetz did in regards to sex trafficking minors?  SURE!  Be right back with all the deets!"

Today's another good day to be Hillary Clinton.  I will never forget what these fuckers did to her and I guess God won't either because he has bestowed her with that greatest gift; living to see all your enemies destroy themselves. 

Here's to you Hill.


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