Roe V Wade is Gone

And I don't feel fine, people.  I do not feel fine at all.  I'm am so enraged.  So let's begin with the Supreme Court opinion.  This Supreme Court where an (alleged) rapist, appointed by another (alleged) rapist, now sits.

While overturning Roe, Clarence Thomas, who sexually harassed women (at the very least),  writes, in a concurring opinion, that the Supreme Court should now reconsider Griswold, Lawrence, and Obergefell — the rulings that now protect contraception, privacy in the bedroom, and same-sex marriage.

So they are coming for your contraception.  They are going to reverse gay marriage rights.  And what's this about privacy in the bedroom?

Well, sex between same sex couples used to be illegal.  Sodomy in fact, was often illegal.  Lawrence vs Texas granted privacy in the bedroom.

Now, don't worry cis, straight white men.  Once they overturn Lawrence, you will still be able to fuck your much younger girlfriend in the ass.  They aren't coming for you.  After all, they are all doing it too.

It's gay men they're coming for.  Your right to fuck women in the ass, even the ones who don't enjoy it much, but are socialized to believe it's imperative to satisfy their pornified boyfriends, will be safe as houses.  

We know of course, that many of the elected men who tout themselves as "pro-life" (the first and only time I will use that term, they are in reality, pro-controlling women), have paid for abortions themselves.  Many of them have even coerced their mistresses into abortion.  Some of them have coerced their wives into abortion. 

Here's one shining example of this.

"For some insane reason, tea-party Representative Scott DesJarlais of Tennessee taped himself pressuring his mistress into getting an abortion back in 2000, the Huffington Post reports today. DesJarlais, now a pro-life Republican congressman, was a doctor at the time, and met the woman when she had a foot problem during a rocky time in his marriage. “You told me you’d have an abortion, and now we’re getting too far along without one,”

Listen, that's small potatoes.  A lot of these guys have paid for abortions, begged their mistresses to get abortions, coerced women into abortions, even forced women into abortions.

You think Trump, the biggest whore in NY never paid for an abortion?  He tried to get Marla to abort Tiffany Trump before finally agreeing to marry her instead.  Come on.  Marla wanted to have that baby because she wanted to marry him.  You don't think there were previous mistresses who took one look at the positive test and said "Oh no, I'm not having your fugly-ass baby".

There are a lot of these male politicians. 

And there are lots of men who aren't politicians, but who never fail to vote GOP, who have been responsible for abortions.  

Here's what I know: there are many women who have had abortions, who have been grateful to have abortions, who memory-holed those abortions, who continued to vote GOP, and claim they are against abortion, for their entire lives.

Yep.  They went all Don Draper:  this never happened.  It will shock you how much this never happened.

But it happened.

We all know them, right? My aunt, who cheated on my uncle for years, all over Long Island.   I watched her hook her third husband by stating, right in front of all of us who knew better "I've always been just an old-fashioned mom". 

Her third husband was viciously anti-choice.  He didn't know that good ole mom has a daughter, my first cousin, who came home knocked up at 16.  My aunt couldn't get her to Planned Parenthood fast enough.  Oh, that was a speedy abortion my friends.

That cousin?  Also now, and ever since she could vote, votes GOP.  She's just an old-fashioned mom too now. 

I think it's time to throw away "when they go low, we go high" and let it be known, we will go so low you won't be able to see the whites of our eyes.  

Start putting their dirty underwear on your Facebook pages.  

"I'm surprised to see you are anti-choice now, since you paid for your underaged daughter's abortion in the 90's".

"I'm surprised to see you are anti-choice now, since I remember when you got pregnant as a teen, and had that abortion."

"Why was that different?  Can you explain?"

Because carrying our GOP families' dirty little secrets has gotten us here.

They memory-holed it.  My aunt allowed her third husband to shit on his dead wife by talking about the abortion his wife chose to have, and insisting she must have regretted it.  I mean, she sat there when he told that to me.  What right did I have to know about this woman's abortion?  And how do I know she regretted it?  She had already had three of his ugly children, she obviously said, fuck no, I'm not having a fourth.  And for all we know, never regretted it for one second.

Did this man know my aunt fucked all over Long Island, even fucking her own brother-in-law for a time, while married to her first two husbands?  (she sounds a lot like Marjorie Taylor Greene, right?  I know).  Did he know that she wanted her 16 year old daughter to have an abortion, paid for the abortion, drove her to the abortion clinic, and hid that from her daughter's father?

Fuck no.  So she sat there while he shit all over his dead wife, nodding along, just an old-fashioned mom.

We let them get away with.

Stop letting them get away with it. 

This is war.  And we've been way, way, too polite.  To keep the peace?  Maybe.  But there can be no peace without freedom.

And we are no longer free.

Time to put their dirty underwear all over front street. 

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