Republican Senators Fomenting a Hot Civil War

Trump has gone batshit on Twitter, AGAIN.  His ongoing attempt to foment a bloodbath in the streets of the nation's capital will come to a head this Tuesday, January 6th, as either dozens or thousands (who knows?) of white supremacists, incels, and twisted malcontents gather in DC for their big  "Stop Counting Nonwhite Votes" rally.   You can get a sniff of their crazy  here.

January 6th, this Tuesday, is the day congress convenes to certify the electoral college results. Reports are that no less than 140 Republican congress members will object.  Congress people have always been crazy critters, like, that's nothing new.  Especially with GOP gerrymandering, your crazy uncle who jumped out a window firing an AK47 can be sent to Congress by the 3 town drunks. 

I mean, they've gotten crazier, but I was there in the 90's and they were already pretty batshit.  So this is no surprise to me.

But the Senate is where we come to expect some sanity, and even, dare I whisper the word...patriotism.

Well say goodbye to all that because Fug Face Ted Cruz who grew a beard and thinks he's hot, wants to be the 2024 Republican nominee.  And if you thought he was gonna let newcomer Josh Hawley waltz to the nomination without a fight, you don't know Fug Face the way his wife knows him.   What she knows is that Ted Cruz will allow  a man to slime her all over the world as an ugly bitch and then bend down and lick his orange ass.

So, fucking over American Democracy?  Not really a big deal for this slime.  



Actually, they cannot do that, but guess what?  He knows that.  Ted Cruz may be ugly (he is).  Ted Cruz may have ate snot off his own face during a debate (he did).  Ted Cruz may be in possession of the most repellant personality in the Senate (he is).  Ted Cruz's wife may refuse to fuck him for grounds (open question).

But Ted Cruz ain't a dummy.  

He thinks Republican voters are though.  And many of them live down to his smarmy expectations.   They are fucking dumb. 

But not all of them are so dumb they've been completely conned by Ted and Ron and Marco and my personal favorite, Gomer.  No, my friends, many Republican voters know damn well that Trump's lawyers refused to claim fraud in court, and are on record being asked by various judges "where is your evidence of fraud" and answering that JUDGE with "we are not claiming fraud,  your honor" because they won't risk being thrown in jail by lying to a judge.  But they will lie to you.

Yeah a lot our fellow Americans know that.  And they don't care.

They. Don't. Care.

They don't respect democracy.  They don't want democracy.  They are not patriots.  They don't give one shit about the constitution or flag they pretend to cloak themselves in. 

They know demographics are destiny and majority rule would doom them to being out of power, and so they they will lie, cheat, steal, commit sedition, and enact violence to hang onto minority rule. They are traitors.  Period.  Do they know that?  Well, is anyone the villain of their own movie they play inside their heads?   Did Benedict Arnold think he was a traitor or a Loyalist to the King?  You see where I'm going with this?  It don't matter.  Who gives a fuck what goes on in their heads.  They.  Are.  Traitors.  

But what else are they?  Well, deluded comes to mind.  Because in their fantasies they are the heroes and the Patriots who are going to DC to murder anyone who doesn't agree with them.  And overturn an election.

And then...what?

Well, that's where their little pissant brains stop.  They just stop.  There is no next day.  They spill blood, they overturn an election, and...they win.

They have completely stripped all agency from the blue states, and from blue voters.  If you asked them about it, I assume they would give you a dumb look, stutter, and then say we will submit.

We in the blue states will fall to our knees and suck traitor cock.

That's how fucking deluded they are.

But that's not what would happen.  You know it, and I know it.

So what Ted Cruz, 140 Republican congress people, Gomer from the house, Ron "I spent the Fourth of July holiday in Russia sucking Putin's dick for him" etc are really doing?

Why, they're fomenting a hot civil war my friends.

And what happens then?

Well, I hate to bring up this delicate subject, it's akin to farting in the elevator, but...the red states are welfare states.

That's right.  The red states are filled with welfare queens and kings sucking on the teats of hardworking Democratic voters in the blue states.  Stealing our tax dollars.  We send more tax dollars to the Federal Government than we get back, and they, the little welfare bitches, TAKE more than they send.

They live off us.

So what happens when we cut off their welfare checks?

Well, you can bet their little pea brains haven't taken them that far, but Ted Cruz knows.

But Ted Cruz wants to be President.  So he'll take them for the ride of their lives, and the seditious dummies will turn around and vote for him in four years.  Or, for someone like him.

And that my friends is the state of America today.  Almost half filled with white supremacists, traitors, seditious bastards, pussies, morons, incels, and violent rubes.

Where is my ticket to Canada?  When will the covid shithole Trump turned America into be clean enough for other countries to allow us back in? 

Not soon enough.


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