Rape and Covid: Here's Why They Can't Happen to ME

Thousands of Americans continue to die every single day from Covid.  Trump has turned us into the Covid shithole of the world, which, in retrospect we should have seen coming when he referred to other countries as "shithole countries".  Every accusation Trump makes is a confession.  

What's amazing is how Trumpsters claim that nobody is really dying from Covid, they all have preexisting conditions and that's why they're dying.  And also, if you're on Twitter or Facebook, you will see whenever someone mentions someone they know died of Covid, the first thing so many want to know is how old they were and whether they had something else wrong with them.

So first of all, maybe you do have a preexisting condition. Which could be anything from being overweight (oh hello most Americans) to having asthma, diabetes, etc.  Maybe you had cancer and survived it, and then 2 years later Covid takes you out.  Is that supposed to be okay?  Like, what the fuck are these people thinking?

That aside, I'm pretty sure I know what's going on.  These folks are terrified.

They're terrified.  

So they want to soothe themselves with the belief that it won't happen to them.  This is very akin in my opinion, to rape reactions.   Prosecutors run into trouble with jurors blaming the victim.   Now, we need to cut miserable incels and misogynists out of this.  I'm talking here about women who, especially in the past (and I think and hope less so now), would want to know:

Where was she?

What was she wearing?

Was she sober?

And why did they want to know all of this?  Why is their attention on the victim rather than the accused?  In many cases it's because they want to soothe themselves that it can't happen to them.  They never go to that place.  They don't drink.  They wear very conservative clothes. 

Conservatives are terrified people to begin with.  I mean even at the best of times they're terrified of anyone who isn't white, of feminists, of public bathrooms...I mean, conservative men are terrified of gay men because they think being around them will make them start wanting to suck a dick.  And nothing terrifies conservative men more than dick sucking. 

Now, add in a pandemic which can kill you, and imagine how that is playing in the minds of these head cases. 

They're fucking terrified.  So they constantly seek reassurance that if they get Covid, they won't die and might not even know they have it.  They run around the internet telling everyone how "fit" they are.  I can't tell you how many "fit" people I am hearing from online.

I mean, who the fuck is in the grocery stores when I go shopping then?  Stop and Shop not exactly teeming with "fit" Americans, that's all I'll say.

Anyway, other than their monstrous lack of empathy for those who do have comorbidities, which honestly flags them as a danger to others alone, they are also little pissy pants.  

When you see them posting that stupid fucking gif of Robert Downey Jr. rolling his eyes in response to Covid death stats in America, that's really them pissing their pants and crying "wah wah wah please tell me this won't happen to me mommy."

Every one of them that demands "WELL, did they have a preexisting condition?" is really screaming out "OMG I DON'T WANNA DIE I DON'T WANNA"

We are really dealing with the shit of the world in Trumpsters.  Not only do they not give one shit about anyone that isn't them, but they also suffer from a complete and total lack of coping skills. 




  • UK

    Happy New Year! Watching Georgia roll in right now…keep the faith!

  • Catherine Chase

    Hey UK! Happy New Year! I hope it’s better all around. I feel for your daughter, it must be a nightmare. Stay safe!

  • UK

    And it’s getting worse, so the denial is going to follow suit too.
    Btw, we’ve been getting FreshDirect deliveries since about April…and if you can lock in a weekly reservation from them, it’s not a bad thing, imho. Things were already bad here in Philly, the Christmas/NYE infections are beginning to roll in now, and I wouldn’t be surprised if NY was heading upward too. My daughter works with the Health Dept’s Covid unit and they can’t keep up…she’s gotten really freaked out about going out for aaanything lately…so grocery delivery has been a boon tbh

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