Prince Philip Is Dead, Please Shut Up

Do Americans know we fought a war against the damned English in order to get out from under the King's thumb?  I am so sick and tired of those weepy, maudlin, phony English and their drama.

Prince Philip's dead.  He was 99 years old.  He was a misogynistic racist crank who lived nearly 100 years.  Surprise, he's dead.  Were we supposed to be rooting for immortality?  Are we supposed to be missing him? 

Well, we know the weepy whiners over in England do, but what is up with Americans?

Look at this comment here that I found while reading another site:

"Philip was a good man. I mean, yes, he had his issues and failings (toxic masculinity, racism, sexism…I could go on). But overall, he just wanted to do right by everyone."

Oh, yeah, he was totally toxic, a big racist...oh and also sexist and I could go on - but other than that a really great guy!

WTF?  That's gotta be the whitest thing I ever read.  

Americans are all over Al Gore's internet  wringing their hands over this and what will become of the poor Queen.  I have read so much shit about whose grandmother died within a year of her husband's passing. 

"Because when you're together that long one can't survive without the other," they dramatically sigh.

Well, that may be (I have my doubts), but none of them were the pampered fucking Queen of England.  Not to mention she is 94 years old, so yeah she's gotta go some time you know.

I'm just so tired of the English drama.  I've got General Hospital for that.  

And you just know that Piers Morgan is gonna be all over FOX blaming this on Meghan Markle.  I really hate Piers Morgan, and that goes back way before I even knew who Markle was. 

His face looks like an unwashed ass.

Tell me I'm lying!

I've known him to be an unhinged woman-hater for years.  Am I surprised he's also a virulent racist?   Of course not.

But Morgan getting fired from his "Good Morning You Bleeding Sods" show or whatever it was called in the UK, gave him the opening to run his ass face over to FOX and now even though I don't watch FOX I have to see his ass face all over the damn place.  I forgot he existed and I preferred it that way.

Who's fault is this?  England's!

I never liked them after they drove Princess Di to her death.  I'm old school and Diana is the only Princess I acknowledge.   It all went down hill after that as far as I'm concerned, and I really don't know why the English people tolerate this nonsense.

A family of useless tossers parading around in jewels and luxury on the people's dime.   Here we have the Trumps for that but at least we don't have to bow to them.  

Now we have the drama of will Harry go to the funeral?  Will Meghan stay home?  Well of course she's gonna stay home you people might as well have called her Harry's darkie whore!  Why the fuck would she come visit you?  Get outta here!

Then we're going to be subjected to hours of Piers on Fucker Carlson's show ranting and raving about how Harry looked askance at William or some stupid shit, at the funeral.  That will go on for weeks.  Then there will be the Queen Death Watch.

And all the while a bunch of weepy American fools will gather online to wring their hands and sigh a lot.  I have to avoid some of my favorite sites because this is all they talk about. 

If, on top of all this, they actually preempt General Hospital for this fucking funeral I will be ready to fight another revolution, I swear to God. 

Update:  I have been on Twitter and it pains me to report that the American media is actually showing Prince Andrew who is attempting to redeem himself by riding the coattails of his father's death:


Please remember that Andrew was close friends with dead pedophile rapist, Jeffrey Epstein, and has been accused of raping underage girls Epstein trafficked.  

That is who he is.  Now, I know Piers Morgan and CNN and FOX and the BBC and certainly, The Daily Male,  would all rather wring their hands over  Meghan  being too uppity for marrying a white Prince.  But they cannot be permitted to showcase this sweat hog as if he is a decent person.

He is involved in the sex trafficking of minors, and has been very credibly accused of raping underage girls.  Keep him on the other side of the pond and keep his face off MY American television set you media cretins. 





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